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HIT2 | Korean


Guide for those who cant get in:
- Install ExpressVPN app and use their 7 day free trial
- Set IP to South Korea and connect
- Download and install game. After start, youll download a 4.9 gb patch
- Connect with service of choice. I use android so I connected with my Google account just fine
- Once at home screen, press to get it started. It'll probably take it a minute or two of loading circle before it connects
- On the bottom is server list, choose one that doesnt have red lettering/characters, as that means server is full
- Press home screen again, and it'll ask you to accept device safety option. Ignore it unless you have a korean phone number
- You should be able to go into character selection from here and play
- Realize in first two minutes it's just like all the other auto-playing games that call itself an mmorpg where you just watch your character move around without your input. And that you need a very high-end phone to be able to play with more than 15 fps at medium settings

Overall, another decent menu and prompt simulator with high production value.

Mostly just a menu simulator to bait you into spending money to collect art like how these types of games are. English translation is decent, but whoever is in charge of the UI needs to do better.

Still... it is what it is.

Two main critiques:

- Gameplay is unfortunately basic and the main thing that holds it back from being a masterpiece. Though it gives incentive to actively play during combat, the actual interaction you have on it is rather limited. You don't control the characters, but use a separate card deck system to put down effects while they automaically attack and use skills off cooldown. You essentially are doing things the characters should be doing already. But the cards are a bit lackluster, and don't mesh well with the rest of the game. It's like they exist only for their own sake rather than to elevate the game's experience. And there's not much variety to them either at this time. Others may not mind this as much, but I prefer more impact out of gameplay, especially in combat scenarios.

- Main character is a wet noodle, constantly at the beck and call of the main heroine. I don't mind her, she actually has an entertaining personality, but she's so assertive it's like she is more the protagonist that drives the plot forward 90% of the time. The other 10% is when the game's actual designated protagonist gets to have a turn. However, I'm only about 7 hours into it, so I dont know if his personality changes latter for the better or not. The rest of the story is good; not very original, but executed well (previous criticism notwithstanding).

Besides that, everything else is pretty great. I havent felt pressured to spend money yet, but there are certainly options there to progress the characters faster. It could also do with some quality of life improvements, but they're not glaring issues to me. We'll just have to see how the developers update the game from here.
If you're just looking for a mindless menu and stat simulator gacha, you probably won't enjoy this game. But if you're looking for a narrative driven game with traditional rpg elements, this will likely suffice. It gives a nice, oldschool, single-player rpg feel.

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