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i heart kotobukiya model kits
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i heart kotobukiya model kits
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Soul Tide | Global


really like the global version, as it has ENG now! i liked the japanese version, because of the exploration parts. i find the combat parts a bit slow, even on auto battle.

i think the game really shines on presentation and exploration . the characters are well done, though the gacha could be a bit more affordable more often. the mansion building butbis okay, where tou decorate it with different themes for a percentage boost.

the game has been performing great woth no crashes, and quick response interface. so far a great experience. i have just made it to 3-1 at this time of review.



easy to get into. combines team gacha with some rpg styled upgrades to equipment. some battles dont use your team, rather uses npc teams to clear stages. it looked to promote other units you can pay for.

lobby home screen is cluttered with ivons, like most auto rpgs. too often and when reaching the home lobby, i am constantly being asked to buy packages and top-up my gem counts.

part way through chapter 1, i found myself already idling for some time to get stronger. i write this review upon finishing the first chapter. interface and buttons are not responsive, i have to press multiple times for a response. once the game froze and i didnt notice when opening my main character gear menu.

the tutorial forced my hand for the first 3 stages. more tutorials also came as i progressed through the chapter.

having a designated main character at the start is different for this kind of gacha i think. i haven't seen this before.

Wonder Planetes


ecchi AF. though seemingly easy at the start. i guess you unlock lewds of each character. tutorial was very basic, but haven't figured out how to summon.

small flight area keeps combat and movent fast paced. if you centure out of the combat area, you take damage. different characters probably differentt atrack patterns to utilize. one of the characters has a wide tri-wave shot, whike another has spinning defense blades that allow for close combat.

i like the game so far because of the eccch-ness.[色色]

having okay time right now currently idling at stage 3 or 4. have uzi gun for now.

there doesnt seem to be an in-app store. no account sync available, neither. must have game active to offline idle rewards

no guided tutorial, which i like very much. first time made it to 35F. upgrades looked expensive for first timers, so theres going to be many replays for upgrade currency. dont think theres a story arc .

pixel art is good. if its only 100 floors, it must get really wild later on. you can either use the buttons, or tap and swipe on the screen to move, jump and attack. bouncing enemies is fun, and seems to increase the multipliers.

got really confused at 4F, because i failed to notice the hanging bat. after jumping underneath it, i was able to aggro it. after, i just throw slimes at them, lol.

should be a good experience. leaderboards have some crazy scores posted currently. i hope they are legit. i did not see any kind of account linking or sync. i just closed the game, so i hope progress is saved

has good amount of ENG labels sprinkled throughout the UI and game. wish it had some in the Shop and character screens, as well as some of the prompts and confirmation messages. artwork is really great and gameplay is new and fresh for me.

i have done 4 10 summons between maintenence periods and have gotten 7 SR characters so far.

auto play was available very quickly, compared to other games. some mechs dont come with weapons, apparently. tried to equip some, and i couldn't start the mission stage because the party members didnt have guns. not sure if i get "armed" mecha later on, because of the frequent maintenance periods right now.

tutorial seemed very concise and not drawn out, which i appreciate. but there might be more, since I've only completed stages 1-1 and 1-2 with my limited time playing.

there also wasnt a progress bar on the loading and in game download screens. that i could see. [shrugs in confusion]

Kamigoroshi no Aria


crashes too frequently. cannot leave stages on repeat or start stages often. in chapter 4 right now, and crashing seems more prevalent than previous ones. storage expansion seems too expensive for only a few slots at a time. wish storage could be expanded by multiples of 25 instead.

overa enjoyed the experience. crashing is holding the game back too much. hoping to play ENG version so i can spend $$$$$$

update 3/19/22: just uninstalled, giving up for now. review still stands.

EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy


loading times are a little too long. i had to restart the game several times to download it all, because it kept getting stuck around 76% each download, no matter how much needed to get.

skip tickets are expensive, and can only be used on material and equipment stages. replaying the story has you rewatching all cutscenes and dialogs over agan every time . makes that pretty much boring af.

there are no stage completion star objectives. ai when on auto, your main runs throughout the stage , ignoring regular combat and b-lining it for the boss event. auto combat works only during boss fights, it seems.

i really like the gameplay right now, but cant seem to figure out when the reset is to do the equipment boss, as it costs paid gems to reset the entry count early. story seems alright, and interests me a little bit. perms well overall on my samsung device.

Side Gear


has google play support for linking, but doesn't work when trying to backup data. game froze when equipping new items, and game seems to be redownloading itself. the download is slow, and pauses often. to claim extra rewards, ads must be watched. not much gameplay. you can change skills and equipment on the main character, but not your supporters .

i flooded my shrine, and was not able to undo the changes. visitors got stuck at the gate after raising the terrain around the gate, trapping them, lol. upgrades start taking minutes at level 5, but currency is steady. this is definitely a patience game. i like it so far. just wished altering had a tutorial.

Angel Legion


lost my account after registering with my email and password. happened on both qooapp and google play platforms now. disliked the tutorial every time, so i give up. never got past the first chapter, but the character customization was cool. there was hope for the game because of the numerous outfits that could be unlocked. just not my style.

Eternal Fantasia


I'm at stage 1-12, and already have to idle for hours to advance. upgrading takes more resources than it should right now. probably going to drop the game at this point.



i like this game a lot. i was worried that it was some type of pvp game, and it might be, but its an auto battler. choose a custom character, and win gold for upgrades. haven't figured out the stamina system but i think it has something to do with the mood meter. after leveling attributes i haven't seen any syst numbers change so i hope I'm putting exp in the right places

tried this game based on a video advertisement- displaying a scrolling merge and shoot point blocks type game. turned out to be another gacha team game. hand holding tutorials should be an optional feature these days.

AOTU World | Global


came back to this game after a long time, and pretty much forgot how to play. realized that i just am terribad at this game, after trying a previously cleared stage. didn't see any option to reset characters or my account, so that isn't great. the social hub channel was empty for me when i looked around. account and character reset options would have changed my mind about this game , even for awhile, but sadly I'm going to pass on aotu world again.



stuck in a game loop. after finishing the tutorial mission, i am sent back to the main screen. i have repeated the tutorial 3 times now without being able to advance. sucks.

Idle Heroes of Light


Uiser interface is very similar to dragalia lost. idle rewards are alright. i hid the game from my phones homepage, and checked back in after 117 days, and was able to catch up on leveling my heroes quite a bit. after idling through a number of stages, the reasons i put the game down come back to haunt me.

i never figured out how the party team system works. i cannot change characters around, it seems this part is auto. i can level my main leader a lot, but upgrade resources still come slowly. i went from level 30+ to now 72 after 117 days worth of idle rewards, and not at another idle wall.

character designs also remind me of dragalia lost, i do not follow publisher or dev histories enough to care about whether its the same devs/publishers pr not. don't make this game your main , go with another game instead. this game makes a great back title to revisit one every month or so based on long, seemingly uncapped idle rewards

leveling up heroes gets expensive real fast, as with similar games. cannot repeat stages unfortunately, so i get stuck idling and checking in every 6 hours for rewards. gear very slow to get unless buying directly from the marketplace . skill card system is alright, you start out with just two cards, unlocking more as you go on.

The Finder


downloaded too slowly, and then there's no servers available to choose. currently wasted space on my phone. [發火][發火][發火][發火][發火][發火]

Blue Archive | Global


[no] by around chapter 3, it got stale as far as gameplay. i really enjoyed the gfx, and the number of waifus, minigun gal being my favorite. not rewarding enough, as materials missons are limited to 2x a day, unless buying more tickets. i stopped playing and i got to rank 40.

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Using google login crashes game, while guest login doesnt seem to progress. stuck at title screen with music playing. Read Note
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