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Arh shit here we go again.
Frank How 62612504

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Arh shit here we go again.
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Cubic Stars



Addictive game [為什麼] surprising well done.

這個是我個人的評價,[難過]呃 算是蠻有看頭的。

Solitary Island Lights


[可憐]i feel more lonely....

cute cool kinda like genshin impact but more better.hoping them to collab in the pretty impress the game run good.[賣萌]

Levistone story


[難過]...hmmm need a better story,ermmm ya

[開心]Pokemon collab ?@w@?

Monster Land


[不滿] @w@ can change English language pls [鬼臉]

Garena Free Fire


it have potential in making this game become a moba /battle royale hyber game.pretty fun ,it success also come with good game might not be a solid fps game but rather a good role play game .[委屈]as well a good customize system.

Pokemon Unite


[委屈]they should make gen1 pokemon instead of other gen.well a lot of thing is not make well for a moba.

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china skin game. 0.00 star Read Note
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