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I have only recently started playing this games. If you're a newbie like me , entering or exploring card based games this is a definite go to. I'll say ut in one sentence, go try it you'll have fun !! Happy gaming guys !! ( for now i haven't faced any issues, if I ever do I'll definitely update my review ) [厲害][厲害]

SuperStar SMTOWN | Korean


I found this game as a rhythm game and have been playing it ever since after I took a break from BanG Dream !
Weird to get to know what for and why it actually exists. My only concern is the gameplay so here is my review :
Lag issues existed, for my device now it doesn't lag a bit which is great
You collect singers cards like pokemon cards, good cards help you earn more points, all I'd say is as a free player it has become harder to earn good cards, or distinct cards.
For some reason I feel like ever since the last major update the overall aesthetic has become weird ( color contrast at points is weird )
But what I liked about this update is how organized looking the game has become, and now you have a proper player account.
plus there are daily log in rewards , and log in streaks rewards as well.
Overall a good rhythm game !



Been a pre registered player. All I have to say is , it is weirdly slow. I like the game for what it is but there are some issues whuch just don't go away.
High ping
You can hear enemy foitsteps close by but it sometimes takes to to show up on map.
Similarly when my teammates mark an enemy direction I cannot see till they are knocked or dead.
The game does have potential, but if lags don't go away it becomes useless, one thing i really would like is a simple like button after the match ends just to show my appreciation towards my teammates, it doesn't have to be a big thing like it is in pubg , just a simple like button

King of Thieves


King of Thieves is easily one of my all time favourite games, I've been playing it since almost six years and that is a lot. Here's my review for it :
Overall the game is decent and has simple rules to play by, I also like how there aren't any unbeatable dungeons anymore as there used to be before, and it was very annoying. Overall I'd say KoT listens to its community , different kinds of events (old/ new) are always happening and it is really fun. Especially if you are in an active guild it is much better as your guildmates always have your back in case your gems get stolen and you fail to retrieve them.
But I feel like there can be some weird lag issues at some points, but they are pretty small so they don't matter. Also the advertisements are never being forced, you watch them on your own to earn something, which I really like.
That is all, play and enjoy !!

Ive been playing this game since beta version, one thing is for sure, you wwont e disappointed, characters, storylines, sounds, graphics are pretty much top notch, the only downgrade is something recent, the glitches and lags have been more prominent. Enemies sometimes stay invisible for, a moment, the movement glitch is something i can't explain, but i hope people get an idea of it(my device is good , i even run it on low quality so the performance is better), all an all you can go for it, its worth your play-time [開心]

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My costume !! #MyHalloweenCostume so i got hockey mask, headless man, scythe. I made a little doodle ,not really sure if i should color it, but well , Happy Halloween 🎃🎃 Read Note
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