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Echocalypse | SEA


I really agree with rating 2.4
What kind of game nowadays that don't even give bonus for even rolling starter gacha.
I uninstalled game in rage after wasting 3gb data.

other review :
tutorial long and boring, i don't even want to do reroll
Battle takes too long to clear one stage.
No bonus at all, from the start they encourage you to pay pay and pay

Conclusion: shit and boring game.

Kono Warui Koneko!


I don't want to play game that don't even bother to give startup bonus in the beginning.
They don't let the user try the game first and see if they can make in-app purchase later.
So many games out there that care about customer, why would i choose this one?
anything else besides the gameplay is standard, so no wonder they got crappy rate.

It's lag and boring.
art and Graphics are so-so.
Nothing can be reviewed. Only fanboy say it is good.
If you like it then it’s no problem.
I bet this game too will only enjoyable for one month span.

Graphics are clean. not laggy, the game now added more character than the previous one. game is quite easy to play not confusing at all.
story is good.
I like the BGM.
I think they refine the game quite satisfactorily.
Also this has become japanese publisher, they will sure to make the game last.

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Sorry I am not going to play this game even though i can read japanese.
Already disappointed with the soft launch. It is really time consuming and boring. you will see why
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