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HI! I'm 14, I play rhythm games, and like black rock shooter!
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HI! I'm 14, I play rhythm games, and like black rock shooter!
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More chapters are out! Chapter 5 has stellar music, it's so cool to see the love put into this game. BRS events are fun, kinda wish they had more stages but thats alright. gacha rates are very good, I like the low pull price. (1500 gems for 10 pull) The story itself is solid, if not a little predictable. Character art/design is fantastic, and the in-game rewards are frequent and generous. If you're a fan of BRS or tower defense, pick this game up. 100% worth it.

this is easily my favorite way to enjoy idolm@ster, coming with gorgeous models, mvs, music, and overall presentation. i highly enjoy the variety of modes as well; however, the tracking is not very suotable for me, a thumb player on a small screen. i still very much enjoy this game, despite the gameplay being a tad unfair at times, and an overwhelm i ng amount of characters. but, its still a fantastic experience that i recommended checking out.

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bug with this character when i would like to add her to my deck the game crashes. Read Note
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