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Bacon egg and cheese sandwich please
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Bacon egg and cheese sandwich please
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Touhou Dungeon Battle


its not too bad i enjoy it, i havent had any issues with ads or lag. but sound does random decide to cease working

Dolphin Wave



Made in Party!!


i think its great, just a bit too easy really, and it doesn't much feel like, you actually accomplished something when you complete a mission or so, just a oh you did it, now do it again, only real fun is building reputation with characters, but once you make them all exclusive then it kinda just doesn't matter reputation wise, its not exactly overflowing with ads either which is a plus, stuff seems reasonable in the store too, / minus the reputation stuff and not much reward for action , I'd say it's pretty good until you get burnt out from not really getting anything but a (you did it!) (now do another)

the gameplay is rather common, in these types lf games, but it looks ane feels good , the art design is pretty cute, story isnt too amazing, but it had some small cute lines and stuff too, its pretty giving in gems n stuff too, can opt to watch a lot ot ads for extra gems or stuff but it's not exactly forced in your face , only one i say that might be is the cool down one for 500 gems, though not exactly forced in your face, it has a small red notification dot which wont go away, which only sucks if you hate notification icons like i do [睡覺]

Wonder Forest Craft


uses some genetic assets for sprites but that's not exactly a bad thing, not everyone can make their own unique stuff and have it look good too, besides that I've had no bug issues, when i did load it however it did say please download from Google play but besides that nothing else, its cute and simple



it's really great i love it , but it does crash mid stage sometimes which is a bummer [難過]

not in English which isn't exactly a big deal, since not everything will be, only downside i really had is making new gudetama makes an ad pop up which covers a large centre sector of the screen so am unsure if theres anything there, but as with most solution for offline working games, just turn on airplane mode or go off wifi and data, and ads shouldn't appear [懵懂]

i am oh so deathly alone, the game was good though



I'm having a very good time with it, i have a thing for pixel games and tapping games, this one feels super nice, I'll certainly play it for a while

Its concept isnt exactly unique , though that becomes more rare to find with free mobile games, but anyways it's pixel art is really nice it looks great, the gameplay isn't exactly unique , but it executes what kt does do well, and I've had no connection issues nor any bugs whatsoever

its honestly pretty nice, game looks and feels good, could use some improvements in some spots however

The Way Home


its simple, its pixel design is pretty cute, the music isnt bad either, it sounds pretty neat, its worth a try 100%

oh and the cats name is cheese which makes it 1000x better

Super String


the games really good, excluding pvp because pvp alone makes me yearn for death. but without thinking of pvp it's really fun, the character design are extremely high quality and its overall a really enjoyful experience

Azur Lane | English


its a good game for the most part, its enjoyable when you're not reading chat or reading others messages because god do people make it feel like an awful experience with stuff they say about characters and else

I've used discord since about 2015ish, its had it's ups and downs since then, theres also a lot of idiots on it, but its alright if you want a small server or group to talk to friends

Alchemy Stars is genuinely one of my favorite games i had it on my phone the longest, and i still enjoy it daily

Revived Witch | English


it looks absolutely terrific for a mobile game, rhe closest thing i can compare it too is a pixel game on the Switch. i find it extremely fun and cute, plus all the characters are fairly unique. Oh and they rates aren't bad either, they're surprisingly good. and they're a lot of value for it being a free game

Monster Company


i literally can't understand a single word in this game, but it's cute and enjoyable, and i have a little cat friend

Random Skill Defense


I'd say its pretty good. Its not the best thing you could ever play, but i find it to be a pretty nice time waster, I'd say its at least worth a try

Brown Dust | Global


Brown dust is probably one of the only games i still play daily, i had it for a few years now, i recommend it highly for at least trying it, the game is pretty giving with in game currency, and much else, even late in the game at level 50+ im still finding it easy to gain diamonds to roll more characters in gacha

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#MyCrazySchoolLife kicked out of chemistry class for doing a project about an explosive [懵懂]
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