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okay so ive seen some of you talk about how since this is an otome game people shouldn't complain about there being no male mc option, i need to share my opinion.

i am a trans guy who uses he/him pronouns, and if i was to play this game i know that i would have to go through feeling like shit due to being referred to as a girl if there was no male mc option. being misgendered makes me terribly upset, just like many other trans people. and seeing people here just tell others to get on with it makes me feel sick. cis people don't understand what it's like to be misgendered and how bad it makes us feel.

and i know some people will be like "well just dont play the game!" well shut up. i think that more popular games, which nekopara happens to be, SHOULD start including male and female mc options, or just make it gender neutral for the comfort of most players. i want people to enjoy this game without having to feel bad because some silly game about catboys called them a girl which they arent, but there is no way to change that

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