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Relax time!
IchiNatsumi 62414094

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Relax time!
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Gacha Club


I love the chibi design and the clothes of the game.[色色]
I also like the studio mode, I can make film with it![開心]
A good game for relax after school![微笑]

OMG!!! I'm in love with this game![色色]
The characters are so attractive and I very like the storyline, it's so interesting[開心]
Hope it will update as same as the Japanese version so I can collect more cards[微笑]



The graphic is wonderful! I very love it! [開心]
But I think the gameplay is simple, not very interesting. And I can't play all the collections, it needs to pay to play but I don't have money[大哭]
Anyway, it's a nice game to play!( ^ω^)

MochiCat Collection


This game is so cute!!!(>^ω^<)

This game is so good! Love it 3000![色色]

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