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What's up :)
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What's up :)
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ive been playing since day 1 and i can say its a very fun gacha game. what really caught my eye on this was the arcade shooter aspect which is very cool and appealing, apart from that, the grind in this game isnt that hard, however the soundtracks, oh god they are bangers indeed, actually one of the best ive heard for a gacha game. for the buggy stuff there can be some errors throughout the game but not much

After watching date a live and all of its seasons so far i enjoyed it a lot. i just had to try the gacha game and its alright its more of a manual gacha interactive fighting game, where you move your characters around the places. But theres no auto grind to it which makes it fun to play and its a good add to my gacha game collection. the art is good but when in gameplay it could be better but its good enough

. the progression is alright but theres still more to play cause i havent been grinding it for 2 days lol

I see the mobile version of beatmania interesting but very weird to play, i see what they tried to do by fitting in the 7 controls onto the screen as that being the controller and squished with the note screen which is convenient but it would work better on a bigger screen like a tablet because comfort.

however the arcade version still is the best to play :D

I mostly play arcade rhythm games, and some mania rhythm
games on the computer. For mobile I don't really play
rhythm games however this game is very fun and really easy.
The only thing that I encounter is trying to tap the note with
my finger below the screen cause its like that and its kinda
annoying because I like to tap the note spot when it hits but it
wont take input if past it lol. Wish I could change the size of
buttons but its still fine to deal with :)

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looks intresting i just saw this game pop up out of nowhere but looking at this game it is attracting in everyway thats what i hope. when this game comes out it shall be downloaded. 😎 Read Note
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