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Wandering Around インターネット
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Wandering Around インターネット
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Genshin Impact


yeah gotta love the Backround Music especially in Liyue, and yes i enjoy the adventure in this game, starting from the story line, the plot, and everything. This game is lit for a MOBILE game indeed, the graphics sure marvelous that turned my phone into hot potato, and yes that's all! totally recommend for RPG lover!

PS : my phone just died due to overheat lmao[不滿]

Pokemon Unite


Ahhh yes, Pokémon MOBAs, it has a little bit of P2W like held item's enchanter, put that aside, sure this game is fun to play! like ordinary MOBAs but this game has a "Pokéball Goal" to score instead of Turret(yep kinda hilarious), but yeaaaah i recommend this game for MOBAs enjoyer!

Ex: (damn i just got stressed of randumb who uses Gengar in Ranked[大哭])

it is another bandori game but with Vocaloid [汗顏], also hyped to see Prosekai EN[開心]

but if you ask me this game is easier than bandori, the timing to tap is so different, it is easier in Prosekai because if you miss timing the note for 0,10 second it doesn't really matter but in bandori? it counted as Bad and your combo got reset[汗顏]

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random post #2 good random finally XD, thanks to them finally i got promoted to Ultra[開心]
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