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Hy kpop, anime and comic fan here and let's be friends
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Hy kpop, anime and comic fan here and let's be friends
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Garena Free Fire


I really love this game it so amazing



love it



i really this app i been using for years and its a cool app but please can you add dark or night mode please and i hope we can subscribe our favorite idols

Rhythm Hive


Ever since the new update some of us can't enter the game it stuck at loading screen after that it kick us back to homepage, we also send email, comments on twt and facebook yet we didn't get any response about why we are not able to enter the game we also lost our rewards and daily reward. please fix the bug we are facing right now or do the maintenance

i really love this game it gives you free limited cards i I hope there will be superstar jyp Japanese where they also give us free limited cards in festival event

SuperStar YG | Japanese


i didn't play the game i think it good but one problem everyone is facing is the app is not opening when we want to open the app it cant i hope you can fix this problem i really wanna play 😊

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HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! my cardsa are complete (it was so fast lol) Read Note
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