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Dungeons of Dreadrock


Definitely one of the best game I've ever played. This nerve wrecking, mind puzzle game is definitely a hit. 100% get and I recommend u guys to play it

Great game overall tho balance needs to be fix and bugs in game. Be sure to save up for future event so you won't miss out! And have lots for waifus in your way! Good luck playing!

100 percent overall. Definitely a great game and lots of non-League player must try this, u'll see another world. For PC players, you'll definitely experience the old and the new simultaneously as you queue up your games and climb the ranks. Got problems with players tho, but it's okay, they will learn to adapt.

Minecraft | Global


One of those game u'll regret not playing. The game is very versatile with PvPs, Farming, Adventure and Survival. Go polish your pickaxe and get tons of diamond while mining on the depth of the dangerous caves! Come let's go

So far, set 6 is definitely a roller-coaster set. Having wide pool of characters and combinations makes the newest set interesting. I have problems on champion balance and itemization as well as the newly introduced power up which are the "Augments" there are lots of unbalanced augments that can really mess up the game. Overall it is good, gotta wait for that Silco

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