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Tourabu and CRK player!
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Tourabu and CRK player!
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this game will be the end of you. it will consume everything on its way. you'll go bankrupt, you have to sell everything you possess. Lilia Vanrogue will come up to your bed at nigjt to remind you of your sufferings . this will drive you insane and most importantly, pLAY THE GAME PEOPLE 👺


The game is pretty easy to pick up with the help of the straightforward tutorials (best fox konnousuke[開心]) and maybe a few here and there will let you get hang of the game.

Graphics wise i say it's not really bad. For me, it's very unique on how they never tried to change the game design to be on par with modern gacha games. The aesthetic of the game is actually relaxing to look at [害羞][害羞] The music is calming and the interaction you can do with characters thru poking the screen is also one of the cute stuffs ÒwÓ

I'd say this is very free-to-play friendly unless you really are a hardcore tourabu fan (like me[厲害]) since it doesnt require you to buy things on the shop unless you really do want to. The events are easy to come by and the forging system (the gacha) is also fun in my opinion! [開心][開心]

All in all i rate it 100% better than any modern maiden gacha games[厲害][厲害]

Cookie Run: Kingdom


Bet everyone who played genshin migrated to this game [厲害][厲害]

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*casually places down all the hidden mickeys in aach groovy card* (click to see all!) Read Note
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