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I play games
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I play games
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Super String


awesome game. loving it the graphics are top noth!

It has its flaws. but still amazes me. nice music touch.

Mario Kart Tour


BEWARE! when u play with friends and they will become ex friends later...

an okaay game pre installed on my new phone

i got 4* isuka, now she is evolved into AS form. best

still playing it after seven years

Genshin Impact


its good but i dont play it anymore as in my language 'renyah' (tedious) afte inazuma update

Nice game if you are a fan of the series. i give this game a five in value because of another eden collab awhile back

Best reroll gacha even better than world flipper.. but the controls oh my god.. i cant even. i mean i got good 5* for a mage units but you cant do much if its hard to control the character. i want to play it i really but the only problem ot has is intolerable

*edit : it's really fun and nice now. go play

its fine as long as u like konosuba. gameplay is a bit repetitive tho

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