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Obey Me! Shall we date?


i play this game for refreshing (yep that was tha plan) and this game was full of laugh, at first.. but after i know the story became full of angst.. well..

anyway overall the game is really good, i love it (。・ω・。)ノ♡[微笑]

Alchemia Story


this is the first gacha game i play (wait, is this gacha game?) and it turn base. i love the yome system in it and the way you could custom your character just make it perfect.
but grind system is kinda hard, you need to be OP to continue the story [憋屈]

this is the third gacha game i play. it's turn base game and i really love it. but the problem is on grind. there's no auto system nor skip battle so everytime you want to grind item you need to do it manually [憋屈]

this is the first time i play rythm game and it is so cool.
chibi art is cute, story rich, good graphics and good art style (ofc it's drawn by Yana Toboso anyway).
just, the problem is.. it consume a lot of storage ^^; (the size is 3.6GB now)

anyway i love this game ❤️ 👍

Cookie Run: Kingdom


I'm so addicted to dis game. i can't believe they could make me cry for the story. i mean, they are just cookies [大哭]

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