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Memento Mori


Perfect for me. The graphics and music are fit to my preference. Especially the music, I love them. But I have to say that the gameplay is boring =)))

weird cat


Quite cute tho, 7/10. there's no storyline, just a person takes care of a lot of cats.

Komori Life | Korean


This game is so cuteeeee. Graphics are good for me, the movements are very smooth, it just a lil bit laggy in the beginning cause of my network connection 🥲.
There's a lot of things to do in this game: farming, gathering, pets, crafting, cooking,... that i can play it all day. (but my battery says no =)))
You can meet other players in the town, make friends and visit their house. NPCs are so cute too, i love the girl selling things for pets (i can't write her name tho...).
This is a farming game so it's totally fine if you're f2p player.
The only problem in this game (for me) is that i don't understand Korean, I use screen translator but it still did not clear enough for me to understand the missions. But it has auto mode to find the way so it's fine [開心]
9.5/10 for me, -0.5 cause of the language ingame. [色色]

there's this girl


A moving story, great music, good graphics, I'll play this game every time I'm sad (┬_┬)

Burst Witch


Graphics: 4/6. Nothing special but I'm quite interested in the gothic style.

Sound: 4/6. OST not impressive, but ok I'm here not for the background music. The Chinese voice on a Japanese-style face made me feel a little weird hmm.

Gameplay: 6/6. I'm here for this gameplay.

Storyline: 4/6. I don't understand Chinese so I can't review much about this, but maybe not too bad? I skip most of the time.

Value: 4/6. I don't seem much into this game, and maybe I'll quit it soon :(.

This isn't a bad choice to be one of my side game in this week.

Final Gear | Global


I've played this game for a couple of days, but the next day when I logged in with my old account, all data was gone, and I had to start over :) that was fvcking annoying since I've grinded so much.

Btw the graphics is good. I had 5 SSR in 2 days, rate seems quite high. Easy to play and a little f2p-friendly (maybe 👀). I don't care much about the storyline, but it isn't too bad. If it didn't have the bug I said before, I would stay longer because of the graphics [白眼]

All about this game is great. I am bad at gacha cause I have never had my favorite char in every events in other games, but in this game I had 3 UR, 5 SSR just in 3 weeks. Love it [色色][色色] Also the stories are very interesting to me

Tsuki's Odyssey


This game is so cute [害羞][害羞] Relaxing and entertaining [耍帥][耍帥]

Reallyyyyy love this game [色色][色色][色色]

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