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Hello, The MIXADOS I wish you the best.I love Free Fire and of course Waifus
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Hello, The MIXADOS I wish you the best.I love Free Fire and of course Waifus
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In this beautiful game, you are literally getting the most value from an AAA game. This will give you the best connection between a mobile game and you. I know there are some microtransactions, and I have to be very honest, but this game from HoyoVerse is an excellent game of the year.

Finally, the main reason and environment are really amazing. You will not regret this download.

Pokémon Smile


First of all, I want to express that this game is like a tool that gives you beautiful moments. If you have kids or siblings who love this beautiful topic, Pokemon, you will have a perfect and solid choice.

Pokemon Unite


I have to tell you the truth, THEMIXADOS This game is the perfect combination because you have the opportunity to be in one of the best meta MOBA GAMES, And It sounds like a fan service comment of my part , but It is not, I mean this game brings you the perfect combination of a game of tournament style and a game to challenge you with (POKEMON).

Pokémon GO/ Pokemon GO


Well i want to be very honest with you!
This game is not like a POKEMON SWORD OR SHIELD it is more like a fandom game because eventually We will get all the pokemon, and that is one of the best thing of this game is complete if we talk about the POKEMON.And we have battles and much more, thank you NINTENDO it is perfect!



Well, I would like to be very honest this game is now giving you money because i believe that the gems will have a value but now you got some free, however this game looks new and great but It is not for people who love games very fast like FPS OR games fast . It is for Yugioh time, you know what i want to say!

Well, I am a person who loves FREE FIRE and I would like to say that this game is better than my favorite Android game, whatever I love all about call of duty.It is one of the things that comes to you over and over and you still love it.
Thanks !

Pokemon Home


Well, I love Nintendo it is one of my favorite console line.
I want to tell you that I love my Pokemon and If you play Pokemon go, you need this beautiful app.
Also, you can transfer to your Nintendo switch, this app deserve too much.And I do not know how to express.You do not need money 🤑 or something else you just need your games and If you only have Pokemon go or even a Nintendo switch, This app is a must have!
thanks THE MIXADOS![不滿]

Garena Free Fire MAX


First of all I want to tell you the truth, This game is not FREE TO PLAY, If you want a battle royale with good graphics and skins, you need to invest some money in this beautiful game.Because You need skins to be a PRO, Or at least to win rapidly games. However, If you loves battle royales , you will love anyway this PERFECTION GAME(YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN).

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