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Still so many games to discover and play~ :>
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Still so many games to discover and play~ :>
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The art style's simple yet is adorable in it's own way so naturally, it's a 5 out of 5. Some scenes are animated as well! Still loved the short animations even though it's only limited to a few scenes per chapter. I ended up loving the characters in the stories.

It's always recommend to play the game with the volume on. I first played this game around midnight and all lights were off so the sound effects added to the games' charm. Got scared at first, ngl [汗顏] and when I played it while on mute, it felt different [憋屈]

Definitely one of my favorite visual novels! The stories are short but great! There are lessons to be learned after playing the game hehe It's also very easy to read the chaptes since you can just watch ads to get tickets! You get 40 tickets per ad so I was able to quickly finish the game right after downloading it [怪笑]

Maybe | English


I love most of the stories in this app! I'm very picky with the stories I read or play so I haven't had the chance to try other genres [憋屈]

But I've tried a couple of historical, supernatural or fantasy novels and I LOVED them! A few of my favorite novels are Royal Blood, Keeper of Mine, Remarried Empress and Lady in Armour [色色][色色][色色]

Of course not all genres are for me so I love how there are lots of other choices! There are also BL etc so you're not stuck with the usual choices hehe

In terms of story, it still depends on the novel you read since they come from different authors or illustrators. But overall, the stories are unique, fun, and very interesting! The stories even let you dress up your character and your love interests in gorgeous outfits! Well, I was not a fan of every outfit, ngl [怪笑] Still, the beautiful story and illustrations hooked me and made me want to get every single outfit or illustrations for each chapter [哇噻] And the thing is, it's pretty easy to earn diamonds here. There are lots of daily tasks that give out diamonds and even daily log ins etc. You also use tickets here to progress through different novels so that's another thing to wait for or collect.

There are lots of free passes as well! For instance, you get a few free chapters in a specific novel or even free diamond choices! So it's pretty easy to move forward with your chosen novel.

So if you're new to this app, just use every gift you get. Even if it's a pass for a story you dislike, you'll still get diamonds at the end of each chapter and in that process, you're saving up diamonds you can use in your favorite stories! [怪笑][怪笑][怪笑]

I ended up saving up to 1k diamonds and I still haven't read half of the novels in this app. I'm just replaying my fav novels and getting all illutrations [賣萌][厲害]

I've been playing this game since 2014 and I still love the story [色色]

**if you're interested in this game, it's also available as a browser game (in case u don't want it to take up space on your phone AND you don't NEED to start from HS, you can even jump to your Univeristy Life if u want** [厲害]

My Candy Love starts off from your character's high school life. You'll get to see your character live her life starting from her teens up to her adult life~

I very much enjoyed my HS time at Sweet Amoris [鬼臉] You'll discover lots of people, make friends or enemies, and of course find your sweetheart! There are so many choices when it comes to love interests. Although you character is by default depicted as a female, you can still choose another female later on in your MCL life [賣萌] This happens around your University Life where you'll be reunited with some of your HS friends or classmates. Old flames could even be rekindled [怪笑] or maybe you'll find a new love. There are so many possibilities to look forward to! [開心] I ended up loving all the boys and Priya. They are so precious! Each LI is unique so prepare your heart to make the difficult decision to choose who you'll end up with [色色]

The story itself is already fun, interesting, and amazing. There's also numerous events to look forward to to get special illustrations to add in you collection and even fabulous outfits to add to your closet! Unfortunately, since this game has already reached the "Love Life" stage, when you participate in the events, you'll automatically be redirected to Love Life and the story starts from there. But don't worry, the only spoiler would be who you could end up with; you'll still get to enjoy the story [哇噻]

There are also mini-games which I think is best played using a keyboard or a mouse for better control. You can get gold or action points (AP) from them. In terms of APs or gold, daily log in gives you a few of them BUT is not enough to progress significantly. That's why it's better to play the mini-games daily and stock up on those APs. The AP system was different before so I think it costs more AP now (the only thing I'm not a fan of). It would take a lot of patience I tell you. But if you're impatient, you could always purchase some from the in game store [怪笑]

Can't forget to mention the graphics hehe I've mentioned that you'll have a chance to collect illustrations either from the episodes or events; the graphics are great and even the outfits looks wonderful! There's definitely a big difference in graphics (HS vs UL or LL). The game's very detailed now and the characters have also been animated! It really depicts how the game has grown over the years <( ̄︶ ̄)>

I'm still stuck on my University Life for now since I'm saving my APs but I can't wait to move forward with my character, see her become an adult and even find the love of her life!

There's even a wedding to look forward to ~(´◔ ₃ ◔`)~

Animal Doll Shop


This game has a lot of potential [哇噻]
Since this game is fairly new, it has a lot of room for improvements and we can expect more features to be added in the future!

I really enjoy this game since you don't really need to put in a lot of effort just to expand or progress through the game. I love how you can also play it offline! But of course, there are some downsides to playing it offline. Playing it online just gives you the chance to earn extra coins or gems etc which helps you progress in the game a lot faster. Still, you can play at your own pace which is great. There's also an auto button so if you feel lazy collecting coins or creating dolls, just watch ads and you're good to go. The doll creation is super easy too; you just merge and you get adorable assortment of dolls! Lastly, the overall design is adorable btw. You get to design your own store(s) AND your own bedroom. A cute game! [害羞][鬼臉]

The Arcana


Finally tried out this game and I am not disappointed!
If you love otome, dating games, visual novels or just interactive story games, you'll come to love this one. What sets it apart from most otome games is that it is very inclusive. You get to choose your pronouns thus you are not stuck with only 1 choice like in terms of your love interest. it's LGBTQ+ friendly. There are numerous characters or storylines to choose from. Not only that, Arcana also releases extra tales of these characters (can't wait to read them)! But like other games, it has a catch. One needs to collect coins if you want bonus content. However, they don't necessarily influence the endings of your story (well, that's what it says in the game. I'll edit this if I'm wrong lol). PATIENCE is a must if you want all bonus content such as extended stories or special illustrations. You'll also use keys as you progress through the chapters/books but during weekends, they're unlimited [厲害]

So far, I love the books! I started with Asra's route and I did not regret choosing him. All I can say is when I saw him cry, my heart broke. His facial expression, the background music, and the way the story was told made it heartbreaking in my opinion.

Overall, the prologue hooks you and you end up curious about each character's perspective on the main story. It's very intruiging and has a very good plot. There's romance, mystery, and so much more! Eventually, you'll end up falling for the characters haha

Can't wait to read every book and tales! <3

It's simply amazing! The characters are all so beautiful and I love how the cards look. I also love the fact that there are multiple outfit changes throughout the books and they are free! I was disappointed in other games that made us pay for clothes tbh. Unfortunately, the outfit chnages i'm referring to here are the other characters and not including the MC. Still, the different outfits look beautiful, like the one Nadia wore during the ball~ <3[開心]

I love the music in this game! It fits perfectly with each scenario. I usually mute my games when I play but when I play this, I lovee turning the volume up. As your heart races, whether because of romance, fear, or something else, the music adds some sort of magic that makes the storytelling more effective. For example, during the masquerade with Asra, the music's tempo makes you somehow feel the excitement and the feeling of fun the characters are experiencing. It's like I really attended the party with them. Love it![賣萌][賣萌][賣萌]

Pretty easy to understand and follow [害羞]

It has 3 daily mini-games. There are tarot cards where you get your daily coins and a free reading on the 7th day. This is pretty generous already since you can purchase many books even if you've only just started a days or weeks. I especially like the tarot readings! Another game is the wheel of fortune where you either get trinkets (collect to unlock special stories <3) or coins. Lastly, there's the heart hunter where you collect postcards and get lots of prizes [哇噻]

Even without UtaPri knowledge, new players can come to love the boys, their stories and their songs. However, UtaPri fans like myself will definitely enjoy this game as well. I've been playing for a few years now and I still love this game. There are always new and interesting events, especially during the anniversaries, which makes one want to play even more due to SL's generosity (っ・Д・)っ

Along with great stories comes amazing art of each card. The graphics and sound are just amazing. You can play and listen to old UtaPri songs and even new ones, like from their recent albums and such o(≧v≦)o

That said, you'll need lots of phone space to download this game. But since this game is so generous to its players, it's definitely worth playing I tell you ~(´◔ ₃ ◔`)~

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Quick Question~ Just recently played Hogwarts Mystery after a long time and I forgot what some icons meant ahahaha
 Please correct me if I'm wrong but this one offers
 an unlimited (lasting only 3hrs) energy thingy? And in your opinion, is it worth it to purchase [鬼臉]
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