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So uh, i misspelled my user... T·T imagine the L is an R
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So uh, i misspelled my user... T·T imagine the L is an R
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I started playing this only a short while back, what i liked;
-Turn based with a gacha system
-chapters as small open worlds (youll get what i mean once you play i swear)
-beautiful characters
-a few crossovers
-english dub
-i got 30000 free gems when logging in [驚訝]

What i dislike:
-the turn based mechanism letting u move in the level is a bit awkward
-Stuff in earlier chaps you cant access/collect early game

(i havent played any other nier games yet; incase of references i didnt get or lack of pre-knowledge i experienced 0)

good graphics rather going for cute and nice to look at then high end stuff. Voiced dialogue. Consistent Updates a long story line (very grindy in the end but eh-...) guild system a lot of stuff to do. Daily quests (always the same tho) gacha system many cookies to choose from. (extremely cute) + i like the fandom [鬼臉]

Custom Cast


so... u wanne make waifu? Yes u do. The apps good 4 it taking pictures and vidoes is only available by takin screenies and videos. Not recommended 4 phones below mine (oukitel c18 pro) some of the animation laggs for me but welp if you wanne create an avatar by just pushing buttons with accessories this is your address. Have fun ppls.

Most of you probably already know about discord, so you now may pretend You've never heard of it[睡覺] . For short its a messenger allowing chatting, private calls, group calls and group chats. There also are server which basically everyone can host. Watch movies, play games or just chat with your friends and much more.

Here some of my favorite features are:
-the bots you can invite to server
-the option to share your screen
-that you can Link all kinds of accounts (steam or xbox acc as example)

guys ... just know. there is no game. [為什麼][無語]

Genshin Impact


The graphics are great and so is the sound!
I've seen people complain about the low drop rates for 5 stars. Personally i wouldn't say that this is a bad point. I mean its a gacha game after all! [汗顏]A-and Mihoyo wants u to spend money... but from experience I can say that even without doing so it is still very enjoyable to play.
Points you should have heard before playing:
-You have to log in daily to achieve most things in the game
-it often is better to explore before rushing the story
-consider that u do not need a five star four stars do just as well!
-the game will take a lot of storage lol
I hope this review helped and have fun playing! [微笑](review bombing hasnt reached qooapp it seems at this point im just honestly just tired by it[睡覺])



The game REALLY suprised me I didn't have experience in otome/dating kinda games before so I thought it'd be kinda Klischee full (?) but mihoyo once again showed how good they are at developing games. The story and graphics are really good and the characters are in my opinion pretty well worked out too.[鬼臉] I- i definitely didn't start simping... This is a big recommend (Mihoyo really sets my standards for games higher and higher XD)

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mines hello kitty 🫶 #ShareLockScreen  Read Note
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