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Sup anime fans and K-pop fans!
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Sup anime fans and K-pop fans!
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Life Makeover | Global


The graphics are soooo good (like felix) but im addicted to it

Look this is a really good shooting anime game the voices are incredible and I think it has a great gacha summon animation so i recommend this if you like big mommy milkers or you like shooting anime games.

Im in love with tokyo revengers im so obsessed with this game and the story is good the character design is accurate so if your a big fan of puzzles and tokyo revengers like i am then I recommend that you play this game.

This game is really really fun and the graphics are amazing i think personally Jing Yuan has the best voice and character design but the rest are good to the story line is perfect i like how the main menu changes phone cases for each character so i recommend this aswell if you like genshin

really good and acurate good battle system nice work

i really liked this game i have alot of luck on s characters only on singles but the new update takes alot of storage so maybe next download dont be to much storage.

It has great detail good emojis alot of supplies of goods and gacha I recommend 7ds grand cross for everyone

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