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I can't really say have played the game cause for some reason[為什麼]...i can't login an account from my region[難過]...but judging overrall from what have seen..

Graphics : I don't know maybe it's just me or maybe its the fact have seen too many games but the graphics seem....Good[不滿]in some ways.

Space: Aside from the fact that it's almost 2gb to download...You download additional 1gb for the in-game update[驚訝]talk abt deception[汗顏] if I had known this..I would probably not had downloaded it...I'd rather chill then collect it from a friend later.. But now I downloaded it and am being tempted to delete but I can't cause it will be a waste...cause we'll its quite a large space for a game I won't be playing until it apparently has been released globally on playstore[發困].

Gameplay: From different videos have seen of the game the gameplay seems nice👌 doesn't strike me as a game that will lag... I don't know of difficultly level though🤔... MLBB is the only moba game have seen so far with high difficulty level.. But that aside the game seems promising..

Sound: sound quality is nice I mean I kept listening to the opening theme when it was downloading the update that took abt 20mins(bad network)[怪笑]. So that one is good🙂.

Storyline: Honestly speaking[難過]ion know shit abt the storyline[不滿].

Heroes: I just added this but ion even know their heroes[不滿]most of them have similarities to other moba game characters have seen but I guess that's normal.. That being said I hope to see unique characters and probably some nice anime collab soon[睡覺].

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