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wandering gacha gamers : journeys to finding good@godly gacha games XD Muira !?
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wandering gacha gamers : journeys to finding good@godly gacha games XD Muira !?
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Cide traumerei *

turn based rpg games okay first gameplay likely boring sit down press auto and tha 2x speed XD
sounds \ bgm great work its feel like having Orchestra in your ear shorts version its noice πŸ‘Œ masterpiece
what make tha game is attractive for me is tha storyline. even tho i don't speak Japanese but with tha anime power on my side i understand alittle bit of tha story XD. the storyline is different with tha anime of it ( yes this game has anime adaptation ) likely this game story is the beginning of it . might doin a research for this series.

overall good game for a rich storyline game < i like it >
if you don't like story games then this is not for you cause yea gacha is pretty bad. graphics is awful its fukin blur and dotΒ² at my screen its not fit for WQHD displays ! or maybe its just my devices.

that it's games for a cultured art and storyline people like me XD.

mist train

firstly the game simple and okay i guess and i really enjoy it . its has E7 vibe gameplay where their ult has animation i really like that XD

this game originally ecchi game!! where if your character has reach certain love/trust or what ever it is you ill have their H-scene 😏 emmm if you re cultured fanza @dmm gamer then you know this

for graphics so-so πŸ‘Œ pixel but uke bgm/sound great other like UI its oke but tha thing that i dont like is alot of loading like if you claim there claim this loading loading like bruhhhh idk if my network was problem cause its slowing me down

others like art ummmuu noice!!.. i thing that its nothing special but still oke πŸ‘Œ even though i don't like hard grid game cause there is no stack operation like counter side .. no skip ticket..literally waiting for auto fight again and again !!



games is great has tha < afk arena > vibe the ui the gameplay almost the same < card/rpg >
storyline skip its CN [不滿] i literally have no clue playing it but tutorials and game experience help me deal with it .
BGM great i like hearing it while autoing tha battle
Gacha rate probability good probability worst 2.70% idk but i just got 2 SSR characters for 7 times 10Γ— pulls i guess its my bad luck 😐
lastly the character art they all kawaii

Overall 4/10 not my type but kinda fun [汗鑏] even registration acc is pain in tha ass < jp = mendokusai > XD but i dont blame tha game its for CN tho !

Game is pretty good.

the UI the Art they were great tha bgm is okay its suit well i guess. gameplay pretty simple (i lied about it )chibi rpg. storyline etto its korean so skip it up. gacha rate probability good at 3% for 3 star characters. overall 6/10 worth to play maybe and lastly dame dame ..dame yo dame nanoyo XD

so gameplay.. you got alot of role like defender sniper vanguard nahh i bet you guys already know how it works #gamers instinct and its has a building to make where you have to make a food for deployment and a lot of stuff its easier to understand if it EN so just stick with it

Orphans Order


Orphans order @γƒŸγƒŠγ‚·γ‚΄γƒŽγ‚·γ‚΄γƒˆ

tha games is quite okay. nothing is interesting
gameplay old school rpg and also quite unfair cause tha games was actually already released last year at DMM games for pc.
idk maybe cause mostly all tha players already at higher level those japanese player XD so the games just released for Android but use the same server as the old one so that why we entered tha game and be like WTF is happening ??
alright continue with the games. storyline are great tha waifu and art is lovely they all kawaii !! you have yandere you have kuudere you have loli everywhere XD

>the shit part about the games is black screen bug and screen freeze !!

Ohh and Don't forget to make a Dmm acc to bind tha games or not ill be like me (accidentally cleared data) starting over after doing such a long journey like 2days grinding to lvl 60.

Blue Archive | Japanese


Blue archives

good games but kinda boring
okay for the games graphics is great nothing much special
gameplay not attractive enough maybe ive been autoing for tha whole stage XD.
For tha waifu UwU godly they all kawaii
Tha games art for tha waifu is stunning well imma anime artists btw
overall worth to play easy grid less likely eat your time !!



emmm its good causes its not to much P2W even tho youre F2P you can win tha pvp if you have a big big brains.
okay the game is simple and easy to farm and lesser waste your time cause there is a stack operation feature where you can grind easier! the story line are great but arknight are way better ! the graphics is awesome and for the voice characters is korean not bad actually. the game is worth to play

Arknights | English


ive played arknight long ago have CN acc and EN but even tho arknight has some improvement im still hate one thing it was waiting for 12 and 13 minutes to clear a fukin annihilation and have to clear it like 8 times. its nice if i have a good pc to just let it run and chill.. for other, i things there is no problem the gacha rate is good but sometimes bad you know tha limited banner to bait tha whalers XD. the the most interactive for me is the story and art they are so stunning i love it !!

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