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Hi I'm Abree! Let's play COD:M!
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Hi I'm Abree! Let's play COD:M!
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I love doing escape puzzles with some sublte hint here and there but what I didn't expect is their hint to be a full-time answer. It kinda spoil the fun but it's an OK game.

I think that this puzzle is for kids since they're all featuring cute animals and it's really basic.

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It doesn't have any storyline to follow and since I'm a solo player, it's hard to find some friends to play with. Most players are snobbish so I uninstalled this game. the graphics is good tho!



(´◉‿◉`) it's actually a nice app! It's fun because this Aki guy keeps on guessing my waifus and husbandos AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!(´≖◞౪◟≖)

It's a fun game and I get to meet lots of player! Although I love the game, there are times that I get annoyed when it's laggy or have too big space intake for its updates. I suggest that If you guys wanna install this game, be sure to have a big phone space. Have fun playing!・ิ≖ ω ≖・ิ✧

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