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I loved this game and i still love the characters sm i have been playing since day 1 but since the new year the quality of most of the cards getting worse and worse every time.
the pose and the outfits and even the drawing it self not like before and its looks repetitive.
even summer RAS it doesn't looks like summer gacha at all.
before every time they drops new limited gacha -and even most of the permanent one- they let me want to throw all my money to get it even if its not for my favourites but now i don't even want to use the free stars on it
bandori will still hold special place on my heart but i don't think i will keep spending time and money on the game anymore.

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i have this account i made to play the kouhai-senpai event but I don't use it because i only have tow hand lol i will gave it away to anyone will play the event with me jk anyone want it replay and it is yours.
kaoru is 3 copy and it is have anniversary eichi and hiiro which is limited
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