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An average game good for wasting some time on. At least there is no VIP system.



Ok I guess.



Great concept but this game just doesn't have enough meat to go with its potatoes... For those that play this for things other than their furries fetishes, you'll know what I mean.

Very well made game! Nothing new conceptually, but everything done well even with the servers being fairly stable.

I like it, just wish I could have my characters from my JP account cause I doubt I will be investing much time or effort into this global account.

Last Cloudia | Japanese


I like it even though the game needs more polish. Would have been nice to have some voice acting during the story scenes and battles are a bit bland considering there are no real tactics involved besides waiting for specials and ultimates to gain enough meter to launch them then waiting for them again...rinse and repeat. Storyline is great and even has good humor thrown around to show comeroderie between the main characters. I just hope the antagonists aren't all one-dimensional cliches. I'm looking forward to seeing what else the devs bring to the table on the short-term.

Last Origin | Korean


I really like most things about the game now that I can play. It's a solid mobile game. Hope they add different language options later, but if not I can at least enjoy battles.

Wonder Gravity


The game is really good. The only thing they need to improve is server stability because it takes forever to load things. The overall quality of the game is excellent. I can't wait for the first crossover! [哇噻][哇噻]

dumpster fire...just meh...

Disgaea RPG | Japanese


I'm sorry I wasted my time giving credit to this game. Forward Works you are forever blemished. I will never trust another game or product with this development staff working on it. Now they are restricting access to only a few people, giving some players an unfair advantage over people who can't get into the game. On top of that people on Twitter have posted pictures of people who have hacked the game by giving themselves level 9999 already. They are even IP or region blocking. I can get to the title screen using VPN but still can't login from there.

UPDATED SCORE: 1.0 (if I could give 0 score I would. )

At least I have Wonder Gravity RPG to look forward to tomorrow. This game is getting uninstalled until a different developer takes over this game which might be never.

Ok so far. Definitely better than the SRPG Makai wars that came out earlier.


The game has server connection issues. From what little I could play, the game seems like a solid 3 score. 4 for graphics, typical for this type of anime mobile game though the 必殺 ougis (ultimate skills) are rather impressive visually. I give it a 2 for value. 3% rate for SSR is not bad I guess, but I've already plopped out a bit of money to get some SSR chara early in the release. 3 for story...nothing too special, though I do like the ninja spy motif. 4 for sound/sound track. They did a nice job with VAs and the music is very ambient and upbeat. My only minor gripe is that some music tracks seem a little out of place. Now if they can just work on the server connect issues it might improve their score a bit in my eyes.

Mega Miracle Force


Typical SRPG....nothing really innovative at all. I'll play because I kinda like the different series being represented, but if something better comes out this game is in danger of being uninstalled.

So far just as good as the JP version.

Last Origin


The game does not load at all and a message keeps popping up about a "poor connection" even though I'm on home wifi. I've also tried using data plan and it still won't connect. Also tried my paid VPN service by connecting to a S. Korean server and still no luck. either their servers suck, or the game is just broken.

Dark Rebellion | Japanese


I'm going to give this game the benefit of the doubt. I'll try it at least until rank 8 since that's the rank that unlocks the premium gatcha. however the character fragment system and VIP system is disturbing regardless of how "cosmetic" the benefits may be. If I fail to unlock at least one decent character at that point it's getting uninstalled.

Hero Cantare | Global


Been waiting on the game. The 2D sprites are cool, colorful, and very detailed. The card based battle mechanics are nothing new, yet intuitive and easy to use. Unfortunately, I read Japanese and English as primary language so I can't say much for the story which is in Korean, but at least the comic book story boards give clues to the action taking place in the story. One thing that bothers me is the recent trend of requiring the collection of character shards to earn a character...NOT a fan of this system, but whatever. I'll definitely play for a while. I'm glad they are not IP blocking. I hope we'll get a JP release later, but I won't hold my breath...but hey the turn-based God of H.S. got an English localization so anything is possible.



garbage.... this game is a total letdown.

Can't get past story selection in tutorial because the game becomes unresponsive to screen touches.

UPDATE: uninstalled because the developers aren't even addressing the bug with their game. Too many games coming out to choose from these days for devs to ignore game breaking issues while some people are apparently able to play and others like myself are not. Not even a fan of the series anyway, wanted to try it out. Oh well, with any luck Fairy Tail DM will be out next week a will as other title later this January.

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Took one look at this during their live broadcast and decided it wasn't my style of rpg. I think the artwork is very good quality though. Read Note
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