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i don't know if anyone will be interested in this but if u decide to install this..
¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯ Idon't know but it's not open maybe it's a bug it's literally showing ERROR 7007[發困]
I will give it a solid 0 bit I can't here

It's a cool game 1 level is easy one (I was just playing as a joke but it's quite nice)
In the game it's kinda like a maze or is a maze
I was quite surprised about the weapon tho..
★Its not a big problem for me but the player have three life after the three lives are no more there will be an ad (I don't like ads).
-no additional downloads

ok so review [難過]
★first I like the Japanese more (if you play the Japanese version you know what I talking about)

[汗顏]As for the review I going to be honest that I am here just for the prize for the review cause I am broke (yeah not a review because many of them already give review in different languages so)[難過]

Sokubaku Kareshi


( ・ิω・ิ)So just as it says it your al boyfriend .

also u have to download a little bit extra to enter full in the game(but i don't remember but it not much atleast for me)

For me the voice was good~o(≧v≦)o~~
(I also want to choose tge other one maybe next time)

Personally I chose Shindo because in his introduction it say he is stoic overprotective boyfriend [怪笑] but it was hard for me to text back(in which it is called RAYN) because I am not fluent in Japanese [憋屈].
It also has a storyline mode next .

In the game u have to used more golden ring to get to story part but also they have a maintenance time after that they will give you 50 golden rings and heart(which is also help to pay in the game)[哇噻]

But like others i also think the cooldown time is too quick ... Oh and u can like literally stalk him in his house[汗顏].......

i don't why but the game make me depressed[難過]

you will have two options one will set u will pretty boy second one will make u single (not u but the girl in that level)
ofcourse this one was Korean

Purrfect Tale


i can't played the level 8[為什麼] I'm stuck at it . I can't go next level if i click hint it says that "the page does not have any hint" I don't know what the problem is or what I'm doing wrong send help [難過][憋屈]

Obey Me! Shall we date?


i don't have any problem with this game and and i kinda playing for long . But my only problem is i am broke i mean it's actually doesn't matter . But i want to take some advantages of the VIPs [憋屈] the nightmare are nightmares but i also got free card (UR+) cause of Christmas so hopefully i can get more.

LINE Webtoon


I have this app long enough but doesn't use much so it is going to be short, I just want to say I don't like the coin or token but everything is nice (i don't review comics app so idk what to say)

i want to say like everyone else that it is indeed a visual game more. And i didn't have a bit of problem about the "gender stuff". (it an otome game)(for me a visual game)[為什麼]

Happy KuzUtopia


well [難過]
I don't know what happened but when completing the prologue and go the their (the guys) first story individual it work ok but then if it ask "do you want to continue the story" then click no. After coming back I can't click the read button like it's not even working .
I don't know what happened if you click yes when ask "if you want to continue the story "..[難過]

★Grandfather is too kind or too dense for sure(#--)/ .

I forgot the full size of the game .. sorry [憋屈]

Lucky Happening


if anyone download it i want to say it ok for me because i don't have any expectation for it so . the game will give a situation before and after then ask you a question (very easy ones) the you have to tap the answer(the pic/draw) . The situation are bad . so if anyone one to give it a go then .. ok
-not in English as said .

i don't want to give review now because it the same as many anyways.
But i have a question is SSR is the highest or it has more rank cards?

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