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Slurp slurp meow meow
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Slurp slurp meow meow
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good for hoyo games but some stuff needs more optimization like urls etc.

a very fun and intresting game.

Aether Gazer | Global


a good /decent game

day 1 F2P nikke player here. the graphics voice lines and story are all okay. but the gameplay is where the entire disaster strikes.

overall the gameplay is ok but most of the gameplay is locked behind SSR Characters.

when i say character i dont jst mean the power of ssr's oh no it goes deep. u see this game employs a tactic called "unless u get the same charcter 3 times on 5 different characters u wont progress past this stage ever" tactic.

what i mean is your characters are locked on level 160 on your entire account unless u get 3 copies of an SSR character u own. and to increase the power of your entire account u need to do this entire process 5 whole different times. and let me tell u unless u arent the god of luck himself u forget to ever level up your character past 160 for the next couple months or so.

edit: gotta say, my impression has been blown away.
the story, the gameplay loop especially the end game, the rewards by the dev team on various events, the music are all top quality.

my feelings for 160 wall have still not changed but i am now willing to overlook it for other aspects, hence my new rating for the game is waayy higher.

Evil Factory


one of the best games i played in a real long time. its really sad they shut down the server but you can still download it so its real pog.

Sword Hunter


this games good.

Pokemon Unite


the games overall good. jst that the meta of defense pokemon is like off the charts. so pokemon have such a huge amount of health that its ridiculous. but with some strategy its very fun to play.

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opis was a really good game Read Note
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