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God save me from gacha hell
Izumi 60421019

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God save me from gacha hell
Game Comments (2)

very fun and addictive, graphics are amazing, music is wonderful, all the characters are super fun and interesting, the conmunity is very nice when youre on the good side of it too, this game will certainly make you feel loved if youre depressed and lonely like me 😭 or if your parents never spend new years with you.. ive left this game but ive always ended up returning, ive spent about 4 new years countdowns with the idols, and smiled every time 🫶 this game is wonderful, honedstly, and im happy it has a decently translated english version unlike Twisted wonderland, and many other similar games genres ^-^ ensemble stars is definitely worth it, just dont get too into the gacha part of it as getting the exact card is hard. they are always very generous with collabs and small events and holidays etc 💕

Ensemble Stars!! Training


genuinely makes me happy/feel worth something! its sad but ive spent more new years eves/countdowns and christmases with the idols, because my familt was never there.. and when i wanted to get into workout, etc years ago because i hate my body, they never supported me, told me to stop complaining. bur fictional idols don't <3 i love how supportive everyone is, even ibara which is kind of scary considering he was in the war but yk 😭😭 💕 i dont believe i can get the type of body i want with the app, but i definitely believe ill find workout more enjoyable and ill definitely be healthier <3

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yall... how do i change instructors ive tried everything bye 😭😭😭 do i need to finish the first session or are the instructors always random?  Read Note
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