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im a doublefaceP pls qooapp just took my twitter handle from a year ago
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im a doublefaceP pls qooapp just took my twitter handle from a year ago
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as someone whos been addicted for nearly 2 years and has kept an account for a year as a f2p this game has been with me through thick and thin LOL . its easy to get attached to characters and each of them are unique, some even has some really interesting pasts. the stories are a good read if youre lucky enough to find translations online, should really give the older stories a chance 🙏 aside from that, about the game . as a f2p ive collected a total of 50 5*s lol, happyele can be really generous, i possibly couldve had more if i didnt tier in all those events but it was for my oshis so i had to . the gameplay is easy to adjust to if you take it slowly to move on to the harder difficulties and it isnt lag or doesnt have an unreasonably complex beatmap display like project sekai/bandori . the beatmaps are all very accurately graded aswell and some have special effects which are fun to play . sure it could be more "f2p friendly" but if you put in enough time and effort into making good teams it'll be easier to gain dias, as they add new songs at least every 1-2weeks . as you gain dias if you play every difficulty in a song . should be it . oh dont get too involved with the fandom though you don't wanna meet most of them . have fun and stream trickstar ☆

tl:dr: get into this game if youre up to develop attachment issues towards mentally idols .

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