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play and complain all day c":
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play and complain all day c":
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i'll move to chinese version after this [懵懂]

i like it
but i dont really understand japanese
kinda sad, hahahahaha
at least i still know what it means by reading the kanji characters

hmm, this game is like the derby horsey girlie, soccer version

oh, where can i get those blue thingy for the gacha??

starting this time, you missed the 3000 blue thingy from login
(and that's what happened to me since i started playing like 2 days ago)

well, at least they give you free 12 pulls on a new banner, i think? today there's new banner mikage reo, and i saw that they give you free 12 pulls so maybe in the future there will be more freebies? namusan!

Happy#聞姬起舞活動 100抽

i like the game, very much, but coz of my luck is super suck that i (almost) always get tantou on every 500 all mats forge

this game literally testing your luck, hahahaha [不滿]

well, gacha game sucks coz my luck on gacha was 0, but i love rhytm game, so yup [怪笑]

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3 5☆ [開心][開心][開心][開心][開心][開心][開心][開心][開心][開心][開心]
well i have copies of niki and souma but still omggggg
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