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I draw stuff sometimes. Other times, i play mobile games.
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I draw stuff sometimes. Other times, i play mobile games.
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i managed to fill all books!

i enjoyed this game quite a bit, but that might just be because the theme and the mixing element of the game just appeals to me.

might not be everybody's cup of tea of course, but the artvis nice and i really liked the creativity. especially when it came to the mixing results.

another reviewer did mention that there isnt really a formula to the mixing at all. the game is also pretty stingy with gems. you can get coins easily with ads but logging in to collect gems only gets you about 1 or 2 from my experience, you need gems to unlock new alchemist skins and cauldrons. but if you dont mind having the same character stir sludge in the same big ass bowl for a while then youre grand!

Magical Witch Bell


short but sweet!

Idle Pocket Planet


downloaded this out of curiosity and found its a merging game!
the style isnt typical of most of the hyperbeard games ive played but i like it! its minimal and cute. (though the floating green alien with 2 antenna in the preview images of this game's qooapp page looks a lot like mooncake from final space. love that little guy)

you populate thr planet by merging units . thrse generate cash which you can then use to upgrade stuff.

not really my cup of tea, but mamy might enjoy it!

Trigger Heroes


its addicting! but theres no story (not necessarily a negative aspect) plus
its pretty challenging from the get go. and one of the things i wish they did is to make the dodge function a different command. becaue you move with one hand and dodge the same way.
might just be down to personal preference but i feel a lot of people would benefit with having the left as movement control and the right as dodge.
theres a bit of a delay when it comes to movement though which can be a little frustrating at times.

Tales Noir


Its a lot like guardians of cloudia. so you can auto almost everything.
i like the addition of farming / fishing / mining but it adds little to the overall gaming experience.
the art is nice though. i played as a sorcerer class (fem). and though i liked the skills and animations i was NOT a fan of the weird moaning noise everytime she launched an attack XD.

theres a lot of voiced dialogue and while the most if the VA'S arent bad. theres a lot of times here where they sound like theyre yelling into the mic / the mic is too close to their face .

Kinja Run


I dont think ive played too many tunners before but this is really fun! the character is cute. the skills are cool and the bullet hell aspect makes things a little bit more challenging!

give this a try if youve got some spare time on your hands

Cyber Gunner


The art is great!
Its a pixel shooter that satisfies the itch for something reminiscent of space invaders. it gets pretty boring after a while though.

Sundae Picnic


Super cute and cozy.
i love the order vwhere they ask for high fives or an empty cup just so they can play with it .its adorable! radiates summer vibes and has you craving a softserve. i wish i could just make ice cream for cats and dogs in real life. that would be amazing XD

The elves are super cute!
its basically one of those earn and build games.
its match 3 so it mught get a little repetitive and boring as you go.

Chef Story: Cooking Game


Its a cute game! but theres a bug where the charater pop up before every level just stays on the screen. this prevents new customers from showing up after the initial few are served.
couldnt progress past the first level because of this.

Storage Master


wasnt a fan of the time limit.
that just sorta ruins the whole "calming" thing for me..

Toy shop story Kamio


i REALLY wish i could have these keychains for real for real. theyre all so CUTE.

Made in Party!!


The gameplay for this is pretty unique to me. its turn based but you have to plot out moves on a grid after every turn.
kinda neat!

Puppet Master


Its a good tower defense game. but some designs are really reminiscent of hollow knight . i hope this is a case of inspiration and not plain plagiarism.

Game is Bugged


Really good pixel game with loads of charm and character. the dialogue is hilarious sometimes . might be a little cringy to some but its exactly what makes this good in my opinion.

Very cute little RPG!
Repetition necessary for gradual character growth.

ye be warneeed

Dadish 3


I love the dialogue and the art!

Nowhere House


Another entertaining game by Dark Dome!
I love the story concept. the idea of having different dimensions within a single house isnt new , but its a concept i quite enjoy.
The mystery is interesting enough to make you want to find the answers. and the supernatural aspect is always a plus.

i do agree with some reviews out there that some puzzle elements are hard to figure out without hints. but if you dont mind that, you'll enjoy this one.

theres a good ending and a bad ending and though both are fairly predictable, both are no less fitting.

The Girl in the Window


Fun little escape game with a pretty neat twist ending!
the horror elements didnt.really get me. but horror depends on the person.

pick this up if youre bored and want a quick mystery to solve .

Guitar Girl Match 3


The art? gorgeous
The music? soothing

its a match 3 game but adds a bit of excitement by adding room decoration in it.
you earn stars by finishing levels. and then use those stars to fill up the empty space around guitar girl. it might sound a little boring to most, but i found it oddly does help that the room ends up very beautifully arranged.

if youre into match 3 games and anime aesthetics. pick this one up

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