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Hello There!!! Don't forget to follow my Instagram fanspage okayyy (๑′ᴗ‵๑) @Tomoharu_yae
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Hello There!!! Don't forget to follow my Instagram fanspage okayyy (๑′ᴗ‵๑) @Tomoharu_yae
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Very useful!!



Pretty good

Nice game!

Isle of Genesis - Avalon


Such kind of a perfection if you're RPG lovers and play this game! It's 2D graphics but the story is awesome. Furthermore, under my perception, this game is not cost a big storages on your mobile phone (It's cost under 400mb only( ^ω^))

So, why didn't you try once time?

Exorcist in Island


For sure, this kind of RPG game is very interesting. So I recommend this for you all. ლ(╹◡╹ლ)
Size= ±1.8 GB

Wonderful graphics! Nice gameplay!
But, i little sorrow about the environment view, because it's doesn't have a contrast colour so some times, our eyes get tired faster and needs extra efforts to find the soul and wings :>
But, what can i say, this game is very recommended for you if you want to play an open world game with the little storage size 100%
・ิ≖ ω ≖・ิ✧ (On my device it's costs 1,35gb)
I hope my article is useful for you all who read this!!! ☺[鬼臉]

LINE Webtoon


Such a perfect apps. They have a many kind of comics on it. And so, they facilitates the all of new authors who want to joined them on their platform.・ิ≖ ω ≖・ิ✧

Clash of Clans | Global


This game is perfect! You don't need pay on it if you want to play (except if u want to purchase skin or gems or something else). It's the fairest game which when i played until now on. 100% of your strategy is used on here! Happy playing! [開心][耍帥]

eFootball™ 2023


Surely this game is have a wonderful graphics and very smooth also the dev make this game can be played on the phone (not just ps or psp)(☆_☆). But, maybe they can improve more on the controling system, cause it has too sensitive and sometimes we can't do a fast move(¯﹃¯)
So thanks for the dev and don't forget to always improve (>^ω^<)



This is a excellent but,🍃 maybe is a very very long long time to waiting for some updates ( *´艸`)🎑

Wonderful game when ever since i played!!! ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و

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