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having a boring life
Mu, Pride of Aquarius 60154747

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having a boring life
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Pokemon Unite


it's fun for casual side but pretty horrible if you do rank

Figure Fantasy | English


pretty decent for a gacha game

Revived Witch | English


i love it

Lord of Heroes


The gameplay is flashy but a good way,character animation are really detailed which is a nice thing. Voice actors are good in Korea but kinda weird as Japan VA's(it probably just me). Story is very interesting,the heroes have really good design and you can obtain them if you work hard enough(don't need luck unless in the gear roll) except the heroes that need to pay to obtain. the problems is that the event are limited and after beat this game,it kinda becomes grindy(just like other rpg turn-based games)



[怪笑]I like this game but pvp in this game is kinda a mess recently,pve is decent but kinda in boring grinding side(same as most gacha game so not a huge problem) if you don't have anything else to entertaining yourself. Also try to use diamonds wisely as saving it is a value choice of you wanted to get good and tried to ask pro players(mainly ppl in ch1-5) and ask them if they're good in pve or pvp or both. the hero design is my favourite of aspect especially Nuut,also kinda interesting choice to genderblend some of the nordic characters like Mimnir and Bragi

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