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I am a KnightsP, MaoP, MikaP, NatsumeP and a NitoP~ hehe <3
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I am a KnightsP, MaoP, MikaP, NatsumeP and a NitoP~ hehe <3
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Genshin Impact


I really love this game a lot! The graphics is so high quality and I am amazed by the environment details. The sound is also unique in every region, thus making you feel some nostalgia whenever you come back from another region. The gameplay is one of the best for me 👌 it is grindy but I can still enjoy farming looking at my favorite characters. Plus, the character designs, ult/skill animations and idle ones are 100% GREAT. The storyline and cutscenes are something I want to watch every now and then so I record them everything and just watch it from time to time. As the story progresses, it becomes better and better, thus intriguing me more. All in all, Genshin Impact is one of the best games I've played so far! [開心][開心]



This game is not really my cup of tea. But the graphics, storyline, and events makes me still curious thus I continued playing it. The debate gameplay is somehow repetitive but you can do it on auto so it does not take up too much of your time. The pity system is also better than most of the games without a pity system, so I guess it's a plus. The cards are all pretty and you will really fall in love with the boys as you play and read their stories. [微笑]

I played the Japanese version first before this version so even if I don't understand Mandarin, I can still play this game feeling lots fun! There are also new systems here that are not introduced in the Japanese version so it still feels like I'm playing a different game [鬼臉] this version is also more generous in giving out dias, making me quite richer here compared to the Japanese version [汗顏] all in all, I prefer this version of the game when it comes to giving out gacha currency PLUS THIS VERSION HAVE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL LIMITED CARDS AAAAAA. MERMAID HIYORI?! CAT BOY LEO?! Just one of the best 👌 PLS HAVE A REI AND LEO RERUN IM BEGGING

This rhythm game is really one of the best I played so far. I really love the graphics, gameplay, the storyline and events, and the songs are really great, too! Tho, as it has a gacha system with beautiful cards, it's quite hard to be a free to play if you do want to collect all of them. To get the 5 star card on the event, you really need to grind a lot and spend a lot of dias. But if you're not a collector, then this game would be so much fun to play! [開心][開心]

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Account BNS Discord server? Helloooooo, was any discord server solely for the purpose of tr@d3 and s3II of enstars/genshin/proseka has been made? if so, can you please drop the invite links so I can join [開心] I dont know why qooapp keeps deleting posts or whatever but, please send me an invite! thank youuu [鬼臉] Read Note
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