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Just a college kid that uploads content on YouTube. Subscribe today
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Just a college kid that uploads content on YouTube. Subscribe today
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Hello! skiplah here and Revue Starlight is currently one of my main Gacha Games at the moment. I got into the game after watching the Anime. The Anime was really good and I expected the game to also be good. But it turns out that it's not that good, at least for long term players. It gets very p2w (pay to win) so it's unfair for f2p (free to play) players.

In the end, I like the characters a lot so I couldn't quit. Instead, I'm starting all over again because the only thing I enjoy from the game is the Gacha. Hope this review helps, I don't really recommend this game for anyone though lol. [不滿]

I wouldn't call this game awful, it's just "OK" I guess.

Guardian Tales | Global


Oh wow I can't believe I haven't written down a review of this game. This game is fantastic!! Guardian Tales has always been one of my favorite games, the gameplay, the characters, the design, and most importantly, the storyline.

The gameplay is just like any normal hack n' slash, which is perfectly fine. It's a good touch for a RPG game.

The characters here in this game are lovable, you might have more than one favorite character lol. My personal favorite is Miya, Mayreel, and the Princess (both little and future).

The design of this game is awesome. A retro style RPG, you may think that it takes place in the middle ages just like any other normal RPG games but here, you got futuristic stuff mixed with them. Which is why I think this game is really really good on the designs.

The storyline in Guardian Tales is amazing, I'm not gonna say much or else I'd spoil the fun for you guys hahaha. It got a lot of twists, and that will caught you off guard.

One thing I think this game is missing is their advertisements, this game is like a hidden gem. Most of my friends don't know about this game, heck some of em don't even know if it's a game, they just know the name Guardian Tales. One by one I told them to play, most of em actually fell in love with the game which is nice. I think this game deserves a lot of popularity, it offers so much for something this hidden.

Anyways that's all for my review of this game, I hope it perfectly describes how the game is.

- 💃 skiplah

P.S check out my YouTube channel in my profile, I make videos about Guardian Tales and other games!!

Muse Dash


Alright hello!! Here's my review of the game Muse Dash.

Muse Dash is a really AWESOME but difficult rhythm game. Of course just like any other rhythm games there are options for difficulty here, just that it's really complicated to get the hang of it at first.

The character designs here are kinda... lewd. Not that it's a problem for me or anything haha, they're cute!

The songs here are bangers, though it's kinda limited unless you purchase the DLCs (it's worth it if you love the game).

I definitely recommend this game to everyone who are interested in rhythm games, just with a small cost of $3 you can have an absolute blast!! [開心][開心]



I haven't played MMORPG for years, I don't even remember what my last one was. But this game has something special about it, and I'm hoping it'll blow up more in the future. I can't say a full review yet because I'm still not that experienced yet but this far I'm enjoying it, the story especially. I'll also try making some gameplay video on youtube, maybe. [不滿]

Dragalia Lost


I'm still new at this game, haven't finished the story mode yet but it's SUPER AWESOME!! The design looks similar to another game called world flipper, or should i say world flipper looks similar to this game. Well it makes sense since they're both developed by cygames but that's a good thing because i also love world flipper. I'm big into Story RPG and this game just got me attached to it in a short amount of time. I'll post another review in the future, maybe once I'm done with the story mode and get to see more aspects of the game!! [開心]

I'm a Bandori main and one thing i gotta say for this game, I enjoy the sliders lmao. This game is a good rhythm game. Though I still prefer Bandori, this game got it's own charm. I haven't played this game that much but I can tell that it's super awesome because I had a lot of fun playing it. I give the JP an 8.5/10 (probably will go up once I got more time to play this game), haven't tried the EN version yet [微笑]

World Flipper | Global


Was just bored when I first installed the game but I didn't expect it to be this good. I LOVE the idea of pinball rpg (idk if there are other games like this but this was my first one lol), it's just so creative and it's super super fun to play. Ofc it could be difficult but hey where's the challenge if the game isn't difficult [微笑] Wouldn't expect less from a game developed by kakao games [哇噻]

I'm a big fan of Bandori, I main EN/Global but imo JP is better. Since the server time and date aren't merged in this game, JP offers more stuff so it's fun to check stuff that still aren't out yet in the EN server. 10/10 game.

P.S I love Rokka [色色]

Clash Royale | Global


I'm really not good at this game but it's just fun playing with your friends in this game [開心]

Bubble shooter. Well I still love it lol. It gets boring so it's never my main gacha.



I'm not big into detective games, but this one's really fun. Enjoyed every bit of it.

Probs my favorite gacha game despite it not being that famous. The game is super complicated at first but i got used to it in a few months. Some stuff are really repetitive so i often take a break off the game and go play something else. I usually come back whenever i feel like it, never once i quit. 10/10 game but ofc need some changes if it wants to survive.

Bandori (short for BanG Dream!) is a really awesome rhythm game, definitely my favorite. The characters are lovable and each of them have different backgrounds and traits that makes them special. Not a fan of the anime because they made it in 3D but the game is awesome, enjoyed every second of me playing it. [色色]

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