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Just a reguler gamer.
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still have room for improvement ..

yeah yeah I know this is really a downgrade from their previous game and I'm not gonna sugarcoat it.
The only worth thing to mention is the graphics and sound, the rest is a disappoinment.
Generic turn-based like many other games out there but more... shitty. Ngl this concept is the second worst thing in this game like you have to match the enemy weakness or your character will barely do any numbers, so you must upgrade many characters and of course it will cost resource/material and those are hard to get either.
The worst thing is that the gacha rate is as shitty/worse than genshin, yeah of course it will work on genshin since at least some of them are useful in some situation but applying it to turn-based? not the best choice, also most of 4 star characters are trash. Not to mention that you will not guarantee a characters.
I'm not saying I hate this game it's just.... disappointing tbh it's Nikke situation all over again, overrated when it got released it's not as just expected.
The open world system... is already explained by other user, summary it's not matched with the turn-based where the area is limited. hell it's not even open world it's just ACG like HI3 but not stage.
Story is also already explained by the same user, it's predictable and generic.
Damn it dev listen to your players for once.
But again I don't hate this game and obviously i'm not gonna spend a nickel on this maybe just gonna be a side game.
Also sorry if there is mistakes in my word cuz i'm not english speaking person.

Memento Mori


Well. . . . this is afk anyway. I don't expect too much

Graphics is the one that really make me fascinated, it's not your everyday L2D they really put their effort to it. I love it.

Sound is another one that got me, especially some of the characters have their own theme music. The battle music fits the condition displayed. The VA is really good too, you can feel their emotion poured to the characters.

Gameplay . . . well, i'm not into this kind of gameplay BUT idk even tho I got bored I just keep playing it. It's like something telling me to keep going. Yea this is just slow/not *really* grindy so acceptable for me because I'm a grinders one.

Storyline your everyday church conspiracy. This kind of plot is overused even in animes so I'm not expecting too much. But again the VA make me stay.

Good game with beautiful graphic , recommended for busy peeps because it's there is afk system.

overral: 7.0

ALICE Fiction


Crash fever, coincidently this is from the same dev.

Graphics pretty good using L2D model for battle char. The color is too bright for my eyes 0_0.

Sound your average modern rpg sound/soundtrack. But really nice to hear. VA fits the char personality but some hasn't voiced yet.

Gameplay turn-based puzzle rpg like I said crash fever but the puzzle area is thinner and has bigger stage so the char is not chibi-ed.

Storyline YOUR AVERAGE AMNESIA PROTAG SEARCHING/SAVING LITTLE SISTER. The story concept is remind me of Priconne where their eyes and mouth is/the expression got animated and you can download voice pack for that story then it will delete itself after you log out. There is CG too. Oh there's also some char story (just a few has it).

Gacha imma say it ,no matter how low or high the precentage is it depends on luck .Even if it has 5% chance if it say no then no.

There still minor bug but pretty good game, hope they will improve this in the future

But this is just not my game... gl everyone who play this!

Overal: 7.4

Yeah ,this is the HD ver. I've played the previous ver, I must say some things have changed and MANY character were removed. THEY REMOVED QUEEN[大哭]

Graphics, it's HD of course so it's good, L2D illustration, battle character movements is a bit awkward tho. Dope cutscene.

Sound, pretty good, original VA, music fits the scene.

Gameplay, controlled RPG , character animation is quite satisfying, the effect is nice.

Storyline, same as the LN/anime ,multiple choice VN.

Gacha, well... just pray to gacha god lel :P

Also there is still bugs such as freeze, can't click/continue, sound repeating, etc. Well, it's still new hope they will improve it in the future.

Current size is 2,8 GB but maybe will increase idk smh.

Overall: 7.5/10

Hmm good one, many prizes for newcomer.

Graphics is good, L2D illust obviously, battle character is 3d looks like Overlord: Mass for the dead. Pretty nice to see.

Sound is good, the character has many lines. The music ...pretty good for my taste.

Gameplay turn-based, attacking animation really good not just simple movements but they go all out.

Storyline i recommend to watch the anime first since the story takes after... that... i don't want to spoiler just watch the anime first though if you want to read the story.

Value ...really good imo ofcourse the anime rated R+ but this game is global means all people can play so don't expect some [REDACTED] ,well... they still have *boing-boing* tho LMAO.

Overral 8/10

edit: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) version

Clash Of Sky丨English


Pretty good for early game, hope they improved bc this have potential

Graphics is good from illustrations and char battle design still need improvements.

Sound... how to say it, still not many voices for char. Music is so so.

Gameplay is like Priconne but not auto, good enough.

Storyline quite boring tho, i just read what caught my attention.

Gacha? if you know FGO you know.

like i said ,this game have potential hopefully they will improve more in future.

Overal 6.9/10

Sdorica sunset


F2P ngl, tge true F2P game. Ofcourse there is privellege for P2W.

Graphics is good really fits the theme too, just some char movement is a bit awkward.

This is important, this game is evolution based, not rarity. even if you have like 3 star/ssr/the rarest rarity it'll still surpassed by evolved starter char. It's about skill and strategy.(and some rng i think? bc of the puzzle shards in battle)

Sound is mediocre imo ,not many voice lines most is repeated but still nice to hear. Music fits the theme.

Gameplay if you know CODE:SEED then it's like that, match color of the same char the power depends how many you connect em.
what it need is skip mode for farming piece for advance, well since there is no stamina concept there is no skip either.

Storyline is a bit boring but unique, sometimes i skip, when it caught my attention i read it.

Gacha? well.. the currency is a bit hard to get but the price is surprisingly cheap ,just 500 for 10× if you grind the story you might able to do 90+ pulls plus you get items (scroll) to pulls from achievements/missions. But the rate is..... you can say FGO.
But you rather spend gems for upgrading char instead of gacha bc i've said it below graphics rev.

overral 8/10 (at first i was gonna rate it 7/10 since if F2P friendly...yea)

i hope this will be real in future, i think they want to beta testing first HOPEFULLY.
They put too much effort for april fools
Edit (3-30-2023): well it's back, mostly because it's close to April. But gonna try this again if there is something new then maybe, MAYBE this has a chance to be official.

Isle of Genesis - Avalon


Graphics is good, char design... just so so,maybe bc I've seen many live 2d. char battle design is a bit awkward tho.
Sound is mediocre i guess, not many A-class VA but still nice to hear. The music is... kinda like that, not really fan of game music.
Gameplay is just like the usual turn-based rpg where it auto fight itself and you just watch them. The skill animation is surprisingly really nice to watch like there is some effort they put in the animation.
Storyline... just your average fantasy story where there is evil guy, you fight for 'justice' not much to say.
It's kinda f2p but y'know there is ALWAYS privellege for p2w so... yea, pretty good game.



yep, this game is slow, if you're a grinder maybe this game not suitable

if u know nutaku then u know, this is just the same but safer? idk, but why not? i take everything that looks cute :3

after one year of playing, here is my opinion

Graphics is really good, from illustration to chibi everything is fine, skill animation is nice to see, Union Burst have really dope animation

Sound is top-notch, class-A VA, music... really nice (Connecting Happy been stuck in my head for a while now)

Gameplay is the same as other rpg, but idk why this give some special athmosphere to it

Story if you can understand it... it's really good actually, some happy some sad, sometimes dark and emotional. Eyy, they got their own anime anyway, but i recommend if you want to understand the story from game bc the anime is org story (kinda)

Gacha? actually the chance is high, (maybe this just my curse lol) the problem is oftenly get the same as you already have instead of new one
I even got 3 rainbow paper in 10x pulls but they are the char that I already have so... yea

overral 8.9/10

well...pretty good BUT there is still bug such as loading screen freeze, crash .
or is it my device is a potato??,

Blue Archive | Japanese


pretty good even it's always crash, and I'm aware cuz my device is potato...

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Weissflügel complete hey hey, haven't logged in for a while and the game has change a lot.
Ahh, my favorite and very first 6 star Ninon. You still beautiful as the day I meet you.
ok imma stop
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