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hmm, who are you?
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hmm, who are you?
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so the game is great, and after watching the outcomes, it shows how fast you think and how great is your mind at critical thinking... if you want a challenging yet fun game this is the right choice just you'll torture the teachers, lol[厲害]

The game the is great, just the translation are a little crooked...

TataQ - Quiz Fighter


The game is great you really need focus and understanding to playthe game, although it’s hard to understand, you will learn the game step by step... oh and it's frustrating when I don't understand a thing I always keep getting lost[開心][汗顏][開心]

I don't know why everyone is on focus for creating reroll accounts

graphics is great it really is HD
sound is nice
for Gameplay I'm okay with it
I don't read even if this game has or don't have one
I still haven't bought a package

I'll update this review soon if I can...[賣萌]

Wind Boys!


Have been thinking for a while if I should write a review for this game...[暈][暈][暈]

so first of all the graphics is great, it has great graphic, the graphics was the one that catch my eye so I downloaded this then...

sound, I dunno why but the sound is so low, it's so quiet I can't hear the music not until I raise my volume higher...

gameplay is like the other raising sim games, but it's most like A3 where you just need to start the button and the game will move on it's own, the game itself is a card collecting game like other game, (ex. enstar basic, A3, and more... haven't played for a while so I forgot the others), the gacha isn't bad since when I started the game I already got 7 SSR and it's pretty easy to grind ^^, it’s amazing that you can also pick your gender it's like Mahoyaku, they just have diffrent genre[委屈]

storyline, I won't write for this since I don't read stories, I just skipped them, even when I can translate them, I hate to read... anyway the story is quite fun, on how the sensei(YOU) teach and help them grow...

value, you know this game is a great change of pace for others who likes music and raising sim mix... it's like the guitar girl, but not the same... it has it's own Gameplay that makes the game so great, and the prices aren't bad either...

overall I can say the game is great not slow paced not also a money grabber game ( # ▽ # )

the game is alright, it has a lot of bugs but still the game is new so waiting for a good improvement of the game, I might change my rating later...

Convenience Stories


The game is great... pixel graphics is smooth and the sound is also nice, what I like is the game is casual and slow paced but not really much, and you won't regret buying the game... the gameplay is nice it's easy and simple, there's also competitions and defeating your "rivals", and many more you can do in the game, what I like the most is that it's an easy game to play yet challenging at the same time, so far the game is great so I hope many can play this game [害羞][害羞][害羞]

graphics are great and so are in card CGs, music is also good...the gacha rate isn't bad(for me) since I can get like 1-2 SSR cards in one gacha, event points are easy to grind, gameplay is also great I just can't get used to the green line thingy that will just suddenly moves, overall it's great...

I won't write for the stories since I don't read them...

Pocket Love


Cute and a very aesthetic game(as expected from hyperbeard), the designs are simple yet creative, there are many to choose from so you won't be board, this game is great...!! 100% would recommend for people who doesn't have games to play

Great app for communication of people across the country, I hope it would be known by everyone...

game us cute with the little faeries, I like how the baking is good too for beginners, just to say I found a hidden gem in this app...

Google Translate


okay, I don't know why everyone thinks this is some game, what with them...this is a translator...I'm laughing here while reading the comments lol there's no waifu here you know...ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ

So is this an "Otome" game? I thought it's a normal RPG game though...[為什麼]

Nice game, so far so good, great for F2P players who don't want to spend a cent in the game, easy grinding and you can grind much if you want to skip there is also a skip button, it will unlock after you clear the level though(you need a skip ticket for this)...great opening and nice song...amazing background too, characters are great you can even upgrade a 1☆ up to 6☆ so you can have a low rarity card to a higher rarity, just need patience though...

P.S. choose your answer wisely in Meister's story Card since it will affect your CG opening it will either be the "sun" CG or the "moon" CG you will open...

Just help me don't know what to do, (✘﹏✘ა) having the english official release...HELP!!

Back to our business

The game is fun and nice, not really boring as like others say. The gameplay consists of rhythmic game and history game. Sad to say this is not an/a "otome" game. The game in fact is close to raising/rpg games like "Promise Wizard". The arts and visual/graphics are great, it didn’t put my hopes down. The storyline is great, funny and it may have some drama?(haven't open every story yet). Prices aren't cheap but is also very affordable(just for me? I guess). Voice are also beautiful and nice. For me the game is a good game to pass time. Gacha is friendly too. The game is easy for grinding stuffs.

•a f2p friendly game
•gameplay is easy (ゝ∀・)
•easy grinding (ง๑ •̀_•́)ง
•has auto gaming system and game loop, perfect for grinding stuffs and for lazy gamers (~﹃~)~zZ
•easy reroll (☆_☆)

•gems are hard to get so make sure to use gems wisely ($ _ $)
•the rhythmic game is hard(for me), like I have played music rhythm games but, this twist my fingers, seriously (┬_┬)
•game size 3gb with all the data, not for phones with low space and frame rate (っ﹏-) .。o
•you'll go bankrupt just like me @_@

I was lost at first but finally managed to play the game easily

Great game, gacha is bad it's hard to get higher rarities or just my luck is bad, the anime is great That’s why I'm playing the game...The game is an idol training game the graphics is great and sound is good...the price is not bad for me, I don't know for others though...

Magic School Story


The game is more of a management game than a school raising game, you just need to build, build, and produce then you're done. The game is easy, simple and relaxing you don't need to spend much time for it, the matching game is easy but also challenging so for a simple game rhus one us good...

The game is cute, it's a simple pet rasing game where you can dress up your pet's and decorate their room, the prices aren't bad but also not cheap but it's worth for the cute pet's...(。>﹏<)

The games is not a rhythm game but just a chill relaxing idol raising are cute, I like the chibis and how the animation are so cute, sound is great, gameplay is simple, yoy just need to level up cards and do D.L.F.S and it complete. The game may have been not like the "Music" game, but it's a great game for past time....the chibis and everything has taken to my liking the I'm aiming for other cute chibis of them, they also have the "!" version wich is also great to read to know the whole back story.....

Pastel Girl


The graphics is great, cute clothes, pastel colors, colorful and lively, the sound is good relaxing game, you can choose from many clothes to be worn...there is no storyline so I'll put N/A in it. The package is great for dressing game lovers since it's not cheap, but I still bought it, if you want a simple paper doll dress up game then your at the right game...

Building Up My Boyfriend


The graphics is great, arts is cool, the chibis are cute, great sound and gameplay, but tapping the bubble speech for the story to progress is such a pain, the story is cute and lovely, and if you want to purchase the package the lowest is 0.99 dollars not really a great deal still it's cheap, if you want a tap tap otome game then this is a good game for you...

P.S. you need patience to finish the whole story since it will cost you a week to complete the story because of the bubble speech...

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a bug? can anyone help? tried prosekai cheerful live to clear the beginners mission but it doesn't work, I can only see black screen after the 100% loading, how to fix this?
someone please help me! [大哭]
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