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the game grafics are just like finalfanatsy what tah heell

Punishing Gray Raven, for short, PGR is a pretty good game with really good gameplay an grafics.
if you are done and burned out with other gacha maybe due to their bad managment or content drought ....
this game is actually pretty nice to switch to. you are guaranteed to get enough content for the next 2-3 years with more to come and you'll get events that last for around a month to grind for.
the gameplay is basically tap and slash with ALOT of DODGING while utilizing blue/red/yellow ping orbs for special attacks und buffs. its not an openworld game and more like a lvl runner
the grafics are for an mobile game pretty good. a phone like the samsung galaxy s7 can run it fine and models newer than that with 4gb+ ram wont die instantly ( onyl overheating a bit of course)
story whise ... dunno i skipped it but it is actually somewhat interesting from. the plot point
The gacha system itself is pretty f2p friendly if you do all dailies and weeklies you are guaranteed to get every limited event banner character (yes mad lads did some math like always)

in total the game is super refreshing for me after suffering in an other game since release .....
and i would recommend picking it up to try it out.

Girls frontline while being a gacha game is actually pretty f2p friendly when you are not planning on going to get all the cosmetic skins. the game takes a bit in the beginning to get rolling but once you are in it actually gets way smoother and smoother though you'll also easily going to hit the lvl barrier where you have to lvl your dolls. the gacha is like a production pool ( if you played kancolle or touken ranbu you'll know) you basically got recipies for each different type of doll and depending on rng youll get a doll from that specific gacha pool. ( welp if the time on the timer production is a weird number that prob means youll get somthing rare)
what also is important to know is that you have to be conservative with your resources since they are scarce at the beginning and even mid to late game if you dont farm them properly or fail to manage them. for guides, the game itself has enough guides like on youtube or gamepress itself and they are actually good.
in total the game is from gameplay logistics wise good. the game olay is a tactical turnbased board game in a way and the storu is GOOD BUT DEPRESSING THAT IT IS GOOD AGAIN.

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