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Well...that was quite a ride, and I loved every bit of it, I got really invested in the story, which was pretty fun and interesting, the main characters are all nicely done too and you probably have at least few hours of content without counting the ticket timers, I really recommend this game

And it also taught me a lot of things related to Japanese folklore and Shinto, which I really appreciate, it was fun and I wasn't sure if I was happy because I finished it or sad that it ended, which I guess says a good thing about it ^^, jeez...if there were a hundred hours worth of content in this I would gladly play every bit, now I don't know where will I find more of this to satisfy my newly found addiction (like, please recommend me something, I'm dying), the other games from this developer seem similar (and there are dozens of them) but I don't find the titles attractive, I want my foxgirls >.<

Fuku-chan ftw :p, she's amazing, I don't know how did I come to like so much a character from a free mobile game with some hours of content but I'm not complaining

Okay, this is late, but I forgot to point this out: make sure to check out the minigame, that's another good way to get points for free, click at the right time thrice and you can get up to 39 (I'm not too sure) points quickly if you have good reflexes (if you watch the ad to multiply it by 3), you "only" need 300 for a ticket if I remember correctly so that's relatively really quick, and you can also get gems that way, you get there by pressing the little house icon on the top right corner on your screen and selecting that option, if you have to make a choice that will block your screen though, but if you close your game and open it again it should take you back to the dialogue right before the menu opened (you won't lose progress)

Weirdly it always seems to be 12 points per gem (like, 120 points would get you 10 gems), but in tickets when you buy more the price decreases a lot (1 ticket=300 points, 10 tickets=1000 points) so keep that in mind

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