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trying to write honest reviews lol
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trying to write honest reviews lol
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Tales of Grimm


the graphics are tim Burton style which are not a bad thing, sound are decent and game play are just like any other turn-base afk game out there. the story are really stale too.

Obey Me! Shall we date?


i play this game for probably 2 years and i can say confidently that this game is very good!

the story is good (kind of).
event is very underwhelming honestly but it gives a ton of rewards so it's fine.
character design is just fantastic.

there's just one a bit of problems...
once you lost your acc like from hacker or just dev fault u just couldn't get it back..
i know cause I've been there..
there's a way to restore it but it's just kind of impossible really..
they ask how much grim i own when i lost my acc.. how am i gonna know that.. its not like i keep track of everything on the game..

but overall the game is a very good.. just lack customer service.

Genshin Impact


this time update is not really a disappointment, we got cyno and candace which had incredible design . the reward are decent, a lot new quest to do but i gotta say... the dessert area is a bit boring.. its flat and has nothing on it.. i mean i know its a dessert but come on.. the ruin also very confusing to navigate.
but overall its a really good anniversary update! _(°ω°」 ∠)

it's not a bad game from riot but it's definitely a good game just for chill. the game also f2p unless you want to buy cosmetic which has nothing to do with the gameplay whatsoever.
but honestly.. the chibi legends is a bit too expensive..

the game was super great especially the gacha.. but it was pretty hard to find crystal especially when you're f2p.

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