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Artist, VTuber, Gamer, Programmer, Roboticist | website: | PFP: robonxt | Banner: YeouLongroad on twitter
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Artist, VTuber, Gamer, Programmer, Roboticist | website: | PFP: robonxt | Banner: YeouLongroad on twitter
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For a free, open source translation app, it works just as good if not better than its paid alternatives on the Play Store. While its ability to recognize Japanese from most games is spotty at best, however by pairing it up with Google Translate, it helps translate games faster than manually entering text. Might push some fixes on github once I'm better at Java [汗顏]

Played it for 1.5 years, then took a break, might get back into it again. Art was cute, the VCs did a good job. Gameplay is okay, but grinding for levels and stuff could be a pain. Gacha rates aren't super friendly to F2P'ers, but I'm not too concerned about it. One major issue I had though... I want more mini comics! 😆

Arknights | English


Played Arknights since its Global release and still signing in to collect and do dailies. Gameplay is a fresh take on tower defense, but the grind is long sometimes. Artwork is great with more cute and handsome characters being added every so often, events gives depth and spin to old tricks, and gacha rates aren't too bad. Then again, I'm a F2P'er, so rates could be better. 10/10 would use Platinum, Eyja, Ifrit, and Gummy combo team again

Blue Archive | Japanese


Edit: After playing for a few weeks, I have to say this game is great! While the language barrier is limiting my playing speed, the cute characters and the interesting story is something I look for! Gacha rates are ok for a F2P'er, but isn't super good or super bad. Getting a good 3 star in the beginning does help a lot with some levels, so keep that in mind when rolling. Otherwise, looking forward to finishing this game (if my JP skills can improve 🤣)

Game shows promise. has a few visual and audio bugs, and interface lags sometimes, but otherwise a game I'll be playing till the end!

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Down the Rabbit Hole We Go Ever since 2017, I've heard and seen Kizuna AI's videos. Fast forward into the first quarter of 2020, was on Instagram looking at fellow artists, and one of them posted a really cute commission. Turns out it was a Live2D art for a upcoming Illustrator VTuber on Twitch called Aurulita. That was the start of the rabbit hole of finding, helping, and joining the super talented art VTuber community.
Some indie Vtubers that I've worked with and supported:
- Aurulita ~ Illustrator, Singer, Gamer (the one that lead me into this rabbit hole)
- DumplingShirara ~ Illustrator, Singer, Producer, Gamer
- Thinkerbella ~ Singer, Gamer
- ruruhamii ~ Illustrator, Gamer
- AmatsukiLuni ~ Gamer, Graphic Designer
- RealSwitchCat ~ Gamer, Illustrator
Just a small list, but hopefully one of them will open your eyes to some of the underrated VTubers on Twitch!
Happy s(hr)imp-ing! [哇噻]
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