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Arknights | English


Overhype game gameplay overcomplicate TD to a point its tedius for mobage with lots grinds, some 6* just way overpowered and very2 low 6* rate which just 2% compared to Azurlane 7% which from same developer, totally disappointed. As fan of traditional Tower Defense but this just not attractive for me since is chara based not purely skill/strategy.

p2w better buy and build real gunpla than this bad rate digital gunpla.

Acra Last


Decent one will keep playing for a while and see if there improvement.

3★ rate is 3% btw

The Epic of Hero


Good game very generous dev.

So far really enjoy it, as warship fan can enjoy the 3D model/customize of ships is a plus.

Playing while while waiting for JP ver.

Bad gameplay and character design, never watch the anime but the ship glow effect and transform just gimmick, Gacha rate for SSR 6% actually pretty good than most recent game out there.

Nice casual game

Magatsu Wahrheit


Pretty fun gameplay and generous dev.



Avoid SE mobage they just bad at it.

Last Cloudia | Japanese


Game pretty fun just too many freeze issue, as for rate 3% for character and 5% for SSR ark.

Edit: No more freeze after 16/04 fix

This is basically ranking PvP game not much PvE contents atm, and with everyone loved abysmal aniplex gacha rate, get ready to get ass kicked with OP meta team.

Disgaea RPG


Maintenance Galore

Epic Seven


Only good point of game is graphics, generic KR games gameplay and gacha rate is abysmally bad.

whale game..with same boring gameplay

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game released 14/06 please upload apk. Read Note
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