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I have a youtube channel if you want to check it out. You dont have to, I was just informimg you about it. Thanks and lets be friends.
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I have a youtube channel if you want to check it out. You dont have to, I was just informimg you about it. Thanks and lets be friends.
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Kemono Friends:Kingdom


I love this Angry Birds gacha game. I didnt even know this game was based on an anime. The game is really beautiful and I havent gotten bored of it yet. The characters are cute and story is good.

A very good game. If it releases globably then I will get it to see the translations of the functions that I have either confused for another function or tried looking for the function. Id recommend this anybody.

Clash Of Sky丨English


Its a good game. There could be some added features like a claim all button for the quest because its annoying to click on every single quest that you have completed to get the rewards.

EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy


Everything about the game is good but the level system is terrible. You cant even beat certain levels because you're underpowered and you cant even get past power 12000 without either leveling up equipment or the character which you can barely do because IF you get skip tickets you dont get character xp from it. This game needs to fix some of its issues that make the game unplayable.

Tales of Grimm


A great afk game. They dont push you to really buy characters (As of my current knowledge, correct me if Im wrong) and the drops are really good. You can make the characters op in thr beginning if you save up the things needed to level up them which I kind of like but can get annoying when you have someone who is level 100 and you get clapped by them because you're 50 levels under. But its a good game and I would recommend it to anybody who loves afk games

Blue Archive | Global


The drop rates are better than Genshin and the characters are good. Personally might be my top 5 gacha games for me.

Ive been listening to some Hatsune Miku songs for a few years and saw this game. I absolutely had to download it and it didnt disappoint me at all

I have heard of this title before and wanted to give it a try. The episodes are amazing and the voice acting is phenomenal. Once you finish an episode its like they just added another which is good because you dont want players to get bored after completing the whole game

Among Us


A good game to play with friends since you can trust them but after you play this you would be skeptical of them when you play again.

Pokémon Masters EX


It is a really great game that I have played. The story was good and the drop rates are ok but I dont have any complaints.

Grand Summoners | Global


I really just play the game just to get crossover units and I dont spend much money on this game, I depend on my own luck. In my opinion the character rates are good depending on who it is but I wish that when you are using paid gems on the step up summon, that you get a guaranteed crossover unit on the last step instead of it being a crossover equip and a 5 star unit.

The graphics are great and so is the story. I would recommend it people who like these types of games.

Genshin Impact


Stunning Graphics for a mobile game. I love games like this and some of them bore me to death cause its the same thing over and over again for story missions. But this game does the opposite. It has a good story that I am invested in and characters that I love. Would recommend to people who love these types of games.

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