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The ending is in sight!
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The ending is in sight!
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Not much to say.. A console game on the mobile platform.

Toram Online


Master of its craft [哇噻]

Super Glitter Rush


i played it and came out with good results. its a pretty solid game.

Combat Master Online FPS


Even though it took from mw im able to say that i enjoyed it and its not just some effortless ripoff. Good work! ('◡')👍

Candies 'n Curses


This game has MASSIVE potential ('◡')👍

just watch as i grind for the cutest kotodama..or word spirit..

I could spend hours on this game. good work!

This game is Fantastic. good work!

they should really finish this game and release it in English. Im atleast thankful that its free even though its good stuff.



i like the pc interface better.

this game needs to get with the times ( ̄o ̄*).

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