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If there's no hope in light seek in the Darkness
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If there's no hope in light seek in the Darkness
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Aigis A


Well I play Aigis R seriously> I am an old player. But thanks to the server change DMM to Fanza I stopped playing. I started again it's really a great game & getting all those girls in my harem is hard but fun.^^ Playing Aigis A just for fun to see how far I can go if I restart.

Powerpuff Yourself


ha ha ha I love to make new power puffs

Vanguard Zero | Japanese


well I really love vanguard card fight ^^ so it's fine even if I can't do somethings like intercept and all.

Dragon Quest Walk


well people who are taking about it's same as Pokémon Go. I believe Pokémon Go don't give you the freedom of building Poke stop or gym's any where you want to. Well guess what this game do. you can place town, forest, village, dungeon etc anywhere you want to. So it's nothing like Pokémon Go it have more freedom.

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why would you give and update when itnot even 8th of May yet -_- Read Note
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