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Blue Archive | Global


After playing it for week

Gameplay 2.5/5 :

gameplay of blue archive is chibi battle style, you cannot control your characters and you can only click their skill, so the gameplay will bored you to death most of the times, there's a hard stage of course from chapter 9 or chapter 10 i think, but after that ? just auto on everything for equipment

PVP : pay to win hard, you only need 3 meta sniper that basically to op and all content involving around them, and PVP is RNG based, so if you want to win or lose it's not up to your skill but your luck and good luck with that, AI will make you lose often, and PVP is one of your main gem income when you reach endgame

Raid : one of your source income for gem beside PVP and it's pay to win, good luck compete in raid with your 3 unit when people that have money can basically stay on top with their unit all 5 star upgrade and with meta team as well

Story 2/5 :

The story itself is between good and bad, good is that is kinda dark and the plot is good and bad is the way teacher or us talking to students, from what i see when i play the chapters and see the dialog, i can see we(teacher) is a bit of a$$ho1e, we basically talking to our students with rude manners and the worse part is the student didn't hate us one bit, just they like "ok whatever we still like you", it's just so annoying when they do that

Gacha 2/5:

The gacha aspect itself is bad, i take back what i say, the rates in this game is so bad

Featured unit rate up is 0.35%
Non featured unit rate up is 0.12%

so you will have change to get 1-2 stars everytimes, you only get 3 star if you are really lucky and the pity/spark is 200 pulls

For dupes, featured unit give you 100 shards so you need 40 multis to get your characters from 3 star to 4 star and for non featured unit give you 30 shards

Paid currency is good and kinda worth it imo

Dev 2.5/5 :

This is nexon we're talking about, i guess everybody know nexon, we don't know when they will screw this game since the JP version being hold by yostar and not nexon, so just prepared if nexon screw this game like counter: side KR version

I give this game 2/5

This game is normal auto chibi game, if you are not used to play this type of game, just prepare to get bored real quick, and with nexon holding the game, we don't know when they going to screw this game, so just be prepared for the worse i guess

Alchemy Stars | Global


Early review: holy tencent suprise me with how they do in this game, i always thought this game will be p2w with tencent hand in it but tencent prove me i am wrong

-Gameplay is like mix between arknight+ pattern game
-there's 4 element in this game, wood(green), fire(red) thunder(yellow) and Ice(blue), and you can do combo with each element with 5 unit in one party which a lot of fun
-3 star, 4 star and 5 star is not weak if you use them right and of course 6 star is strong but sometimes 6 star is weak compare to 3-5 star like genshin with 4 star and 5 star thing
- and in some stage you have to use your brain to complete the stage itself
-the 5 star that you get in early game is op, dayna is her name that we can get through completing the mission and the main girl in this game will help you blast through the early stage super easy

-Good systems with 1-2% rate for 6 stars , this game don't have a pity systems, the systems is like this, if you don't get 6 star character for 50 rolls, the rates will increase example : the rate is 2% and you pull 50 times and no 6 stars then in 60 pulls your rate will increase to 4% or more
- currency easy to get at the start of the game, currency kinda hard to get at endgame but it's still obtainable and the game still has no event right now so have to wait for event

Just normal microtransaction with monthy packs and some nice packs in it not to crazy like My hero academia: the strongest heroes that put paywall on everything

story is quite good, you have to see yourself to review it because i don't want to spoil the story in this comment, i'am already at chapter 7

And the very great thing in this game
- when you already clear chapter 7 you will unlock "old seal" featured, in old seal we can get 4 6*characters for free from each elemets, but we can only grind one at times so expect a lot of grind to get that 4 characters

This game is suprise me because how good and fun it is, but i still scare that tencent can screw this game anytime they want, hope they will not do it because this game has a potential to be like arknights

I will give this game 4/5 for early review, this is my review, you can disagree if you want to

Okay update my review since i play this game for a month since it's release
gameplay wise 3/5

-the combat systems feel like cheap version or failed version of honkai impact 3 and PGR minus the PVP
-the boss is quite challenging
-i change my mind about story, it's straight up bad, dev have to learn from honkai, fgo, arknights and PGR for good story

Gacha 2/5
-worse because it's use fragments and you need a lot for upgrade your characters, i know you can farm B rank and A rank fragments but it will takes a month or two to get that character or to upgrade that characters and you can do that for like 3 times i think per day
- pity counter up to 100 pulls to get S ranks characters while the CN version only 60 pulls to get S rank characters

Microtransaction 1/5
the worse that i ever seen:
- for 1 summon it cost 250 hero coin and for 1 10 multi you need 2500 hero coins and that is the same $50 that get you 3000 hero coins for it from paid shop, so if you want to reach pity you need $500 or 25000 hero coins if you have bad luck and that's already double the price from usual gacha that has pity systems
- packs that expensive and so many that being shove into our face and 1 pack can cost around $15-$20 and there's at least 4-5 packs like sponsorship pack, monthly card pack, weakly card pack, battle recruit pack, special recruit pack and etc in game right now
- stamina packs that cost $8( sorry not $5 but $8 i already double check the price) only for weak not a month (100 stamina + 50 hero coin)

Game Event
- the event itself is quite good
- but the reward for event is so bad, and they lock the good reward behind paywall(for about $10-$15) so only whales can enjoy the good reward while F2P just crying in corner, locking the good reward behind paywall is already bad for f2p in this game, be prepared that the game event from now on will have a paywall attach to them

Dev team
- the dev team itself didn't listen to player base and content creator, they listen now for stamina and daily coins because the review bom this game recieve and many content creator and players left the game, so they have to "listen" to player lol
- when i thought the dev can't get anymore bad they actually do, they nerf one of most hype character endeavor without player knowing it so they can milk more money out of players, this already considered as type of scam
- they do this to in all might card as well, they show you can get mt.lady or midnight card from gacha but if you check the list of card there's not a single card of mt.lady or midnight this already type of false advertisement

i give this game 2/5 my review for this game getting worse lol, i don't recommend this game for F2P player and remember this is my personal review, i know they give a lot of free start at least for month but after that ? you have to relied on money and the worse part this game is pvp game, this game is not worth your time or your money, find other game or return to your original game

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