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Heroes Arena


It looks good, it plays good. Untill the famous case of game freezed in mid-battle. That solely killed the game, as many of the player base failed to exist thanks to such fatal bug.

Heroes Evolved


It has good graphics, good arts and decent model-detailing. Gacha exist and it's terrible. Characters prices is way too expensive. Movement feels good, control is customizeable (though limited).

The game does feel generous to new players by giving free characters by log-in, newbies quest and it did gave about 10K coins (maybe).

Beside that, it's a moba. That'a all.
Atleast, low-end phone can play it.

As good as it is. It's not for low-end device.

재미 있고 라이브 배경에 적합

Mahjong Soul | English



That's it.

Pokemon Unite


Good game? Sure
I just don't have good experience with it. Fun playing with friends though~

いいゲーム‥ ただガチャは嫌いけど‥‥ ゲームのことなら、めちゃ好き~

Metal Revolution | SEA


It is a good game, so to say. Untill the developers replace the original new players sign-in! it was supposed to be a permanent skin (that doesn't exist in the game shop..) with just basicly gacha bullscheiße!
Try it if you like.

Final Gear | Global


Am I the only one having the download resource looping bug?

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Graphical Issue グラフィカルな問題。 私ができる限り、設定の1つをオフにすることです。 しかし、それを調べてください。 Read Note
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