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Leonardo Watcho Dio
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Leonardo Watcho Dio
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okay. a game where you need to decode cipher machine and escape from the monster. kinda like "Identity V" but its 2d and you can attack the monster.

Its a gacha game. the chance of you getting a 5* star is very-very low. if you play this game for emma idc and they have phil too. when you gacha, you get weapons. just like genshin impact lol. then, you use the weapons on the characters you want to use.

you'll be matched with 3 people. you need to decode cipher machine within minutes and you need to kill the monsters every round.

if you die, your friends can heal you.I recommend this game for a time waster. if you're bored you can play this game. also they only have guns pew pew!

graphic cool.
sound okay
.gameplay ... a lil bit boring for me but who am i to judge? storyline.i cant understand japanese lol
value 4 stars total.


controls are sucks and hard but its challenging.

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