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been in an eternal vocaloid phase since 2011 so it's illegal if i do not play proseka

azul and rook your hands in marriage please sirs

homies we are gay

you know what it took me time to really appreciate this game and its characters. ok tbh they got me at the vocaloid covers haha also ako and rinko please come home i'm at my wits end

Touhou Cannonball


i'm a simple lesbian i see touhou girls i click

mayoi beats me to the ground steals my moons and laughs at my longing for ranpo and poe ssr cards but i'll be damned if i ever stop playing this game thanks

UPDATE POE IS IN THE GAME THANK GOD but the game really needs to bring back step up gachas on new limited cards so uh. down one rating we go

IDOLiSH7 | Japanese


this game cured my depression watered my crops fed my children and gave me a will to live as well

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